Kidnappers Detain Benefactor Delivering Ransom in Kaduna, Senator Shehu Sani Reveals

Retired Principal’s Benevolent Act Takes a Dark Turn:

In a distressing turn of events, a retired principal finds himself in captivity after voluntarily offering to deliver ransom to kidnappers in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna.

Senator Shehu Sani shared this alarming information on his social media platform on January 16.

Senator Shehu Sani Discloses the Situation:

Senator Shehu Sani took to his social media account to reveal the unfortunate incident.

According to his statement, the retired principal stepped forward to assist in delivering ransom to kidnappers who were holding victims in the Birnin Gwari region of Kaduna.

Three Days in Captivity:

As per Senator Sani’s disclosure, it has been three days since the retired principal has been held by the kidnappers.

The situation has escalated, with the abductors making ransom demands to the captive’s family.

Senator’s Social Media Post:

Senator Shehu Sani’s post shed light on the dire circumstances, stating, “A retired School principal who volunteered to deliver ransom to kidnappers in order to secure the release of a victim has also been held by the kidnappers in Birnin Gwari lg, Kaduna state.

He’s been in captivity for 3 days now, the abductors made calls to his family for his ransom.”

Humanitarian Gesture Turns Into a Crisis:

What began as a humanitarian gesture to facilitate the release of kidnapping victims has spiraled into a crisis, underscoring the complex and perilous nature of dealing with criminal elements involved in abductions.

Community in Tension:

The incident has left the local community in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna, tense and anxious as efforts are underway to secure the release of the retired principal.

Kidnappings for ransom continue to be a pressing issue in the region, and this latest development adds to the urgency for comprehensive intervention and security measures.

Senator Raises Alarm:

Senator Shehu Sani’s public disclosure serves as an urgent alarm, drawing attention to the dangers faced by those attempting to negotiate with kidnappers.

The incident highlights the need for enhanced security measures and strategic interventions to address the pervasive issue of kidnapping in Kaduna and beyond.

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