Kelly Osbourne Launches Extraordinary Rant Against Prince Harry, Criticizing his Life Struggles Confessions

Kelly Osbourne Launches Extraordinary Rant Against Prince Harry, Criticizing his Life Struggles Confessions

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Kelly Osbourne has launched an extraordinary rant against Prince Harry, branding him “a f***ing t**t” for his recent confessions about his personal struggles.


Osbourne dismissed Harry’s comments, stating that everyone faces challenges in life.

Her remarks were made during an episode of the I’ve Had It podcast, where hosts Jennifer Welch and Angie Sullivan found amusement in her passionate outburst.

Osbourne Expresses Displeasure with Harry’s Attempt at Redemption

Expressing her strong opinions, Osbourne criticized Harry for portraying himself as a victim, referring to him as a “whining, whinging complaining, woe is me” individual.

She further emphasized that everyone faces difficulties, reminding him of his privileged position as the Prince of a country and his controversial past, including dressing up as a Nazi.

Osbourne also mocked his attempt to present himself as a moral authority, comparing it to aspiring to become the Pope.

Meghan Markle’s Podcast Partnership with Spotify Ends

In related news, Spotify recently ended its collaboration with Meghan Markle’s podcast Archetypes after just one series.


The streaming platform and the Sussexes issued a joint statement, claiming that they have mutually agreed to part ways while expressing pride in the series they created together.

However, Bill Simmons, Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetization at Spotify, openly criticized the couple on his own podcast, referring to them as “grifters” and expressing his regret over not launching a different podcast with them.

Strained Relationship Between Harry and Charles

Since Prince Harry’s departure from the Royal Family, his relationship with his father, Prince Charles, has reportedly deteriorated, with little communication between them.

Harry has been openly critical of his family in various interviews and his memoir, Spare.

The couple relocated to California in 2020, where they have pursued various revenue-generating ventures.

Revenue-Generating Ventures of the Sussexes

In their pursuit of financial independence, Prince Harry signed a reported £15 million ($20 million) deal with Penguin Books for his controversial memoir, Spare.

Additionally, the Sussexes collaborated with Netflix to produce the docu-series, Harry And Meghan, which reportedly earned them approximately £77 million ($100 million) for the six-episode series.

Meghan Markle also signed a £15 million ($20 million) deal with Spotify for her Archetypes project, although some Spotify insiders claim that the couple did not meet the productivity requirements to receive the full payout from the agreement.


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