Katrina Leskanich Reflects on Eurovision 2023 and Expresses Support for Ukraine

Katrina Leskanich Reflects on Eurovision 2023 and Expresses Support for Ukraine

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Katrina Leskanich, the former lead singer of Katrina And The Waves and the last UK winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, shared her thoughts on this year’s competition.


She expressed her belief that the event in Liverpool has a special significance for Ukraine and described it as a beautiful day blessed by the gods.

Leskanich also expressed her desire to hear Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, speak at the final, acknowledging the support and remembrance shown by fans for Ukraine’s difficult situation.

The Importance of Ukraine’s Presence:

Leskanich highlighted the efforts made to make the Eurovision Song Contest special for Ukraine.

She recognized the country’s difficult circumstances due to an ongoing war and expressed her wish to see President Zelensky address the audience, despite the European Broadcasting Union’s decision to decline his request.

Leskanich emphasized that the event is not about the war but rather the support and solidarity shown by the UK and fans.

A Memorable Eurovision:

The former Eurovision winner acknowledged the uniqueness of this year’s contest, stating that it would never be forgotten.


She described the atmosphere as different and filled with immense support for Ukraine.

Leskanich noted the presence of fans wearing large Ukrainian flags and stressed that the event holds special significance in the hearts of those attending.

A Reunion with Sandie Shaw:

During her time at the fan village, Leskanich unexpectedly met Sandie Shaw, the first UK act to win Eurovision in 1967.

The two artists, who hadn’t seen each other for approximately two decades, shared a warm embrace and took a photo together.

Leskanich commented on the bond shared among UK Eurovision winners, referring to it as a “secret club” consisting of only five members.

Assessing the Current Contestants:

Leskanich expressed her skepticism regarding the chances of a sixth UK victory in this year’s final.

While praising Mae Muller, the UK representative, for being a cool and talented artist, Leskanich doubted that she would emerge as the winner.

She acknowledged the strength of Finland’s Kaarija and anticipated the possibility of a surprising upset.


Additionally, she expressed admiration for the Croatian act Let 3, known for their unconventional stage performances that involve stripping down to vests and underpants.


Katrina Leskanich’s reflections on Eurovision 2023 highlight the significance of the event for Ukraine and the support shown by the UK and fans.

Her desire to hear President Zelensky speak underscores the importance of acknowledging and remembering Ukraine’s struggles.

Furthermore, Leskanich’s reunion with Sandie Shaw and her assessment of the current contestants add depth to her perspective as a former winner.

As the competition unfolds, the world awaits the memorable moments that Eurovision is known for, including both unexpected surprises and unique performances.


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