Kate Winslet’s Reveals Idris Elba’s Surprising Foot Fetish During Filming

Kate Winslet’s Unexpected Revelation

During a memorable appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Hollywood legend Kate Winslet shared a surprising behind-the-scenes story involving her co-star Idris Elba during the filming of “The Mountain Between Us.”

The revelation left both the audience and fellow guests in stitches.

Setting the Scene

Kate and Idris were on the show to promote their movie, “The Mountain Between Us.”

Winslet kicked off the amusing anecdote by recalling a particular day of filming, highlighting Idris’ initial nervousness and the director’s inexperience with shooting intimate scenes.

Taking Charge on Set

Kate Winslet, known for her professionalism, decided to take control of the filming process.

She asserted her authority by directing the placement of cameras during takes.

It was during this moment of lighthearted banter that Idris Elba’s unexpected confession emerged.

Idris Elba’s Foot Fetish

Kate Winslet humorously revealed that Idris Elba had made a rather unique request during the filming of a sex scene.

Elba had asked her to “keep her socks on,” leaving Kate baffled. She recounted the exchange, with Idris explaining his unusual preference for her to retain her socks.

Kate’s Playful Response

Kate Winslet playfully questioned the need to keep her socks on when everything else was off. Idris then disclosed his “foot thing” to explain his request.

He preferred not to see her feet, which she humorously referred to as “cliff-hangers” due to her heeled shoes.

Kate’s Good-Humored Confession

In good spirits, Kate continued to share details about her feet, acknowledging their size and playfully admitting they weren’t particularly beautiful.

She assured Idris that she would keep her feet inside her shoes for his comfort.

The Unexpected Twist

The audience was taken by surprise when Kate Winslet revealed that Idris Elba actually had a fondness for feet.

Despite his earlier request, it turned out that Idris appreciated feet, contrary to what Kate had assumed.

Idris Elba’s Reaction

Idris Elba, visibly embarrassed by Kate’s playful confession, attempted to respond to the revelation with good humor.

The unexpected revelation added a humorous twist to the conversation, leaving both actors and fellow guest Chris Rock amused.

Box Office Success and Beyond

“The Mountain Between Us” turned out to be a successful venture at the box office, grossing a total of $62.3 million.

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba continued to thrive in their careers, taking on various star-studded projects following the movie’s release in 2017.

In Conclusion, Kate Winslet’s lighthearted revelation about Idris Elba’s foot fetish provided a memorable and amusing moment during their appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

The playful exchange showcased their camaraderie and added a touch of humor to the promotion of their film.

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