Kate Moss is seen smoking for the second time in weeks on vape.

Kate Moss Spotted Smoking Again

Kate Moss, the Iconic Supermodel, Continues to Embrace Smoking Habits

Kate Moss, the renowned supermodel, has once again made headlines for her smoking habits. Just weeks after being seen puffing on a vape, the 49-year-old fashion icon was spotted enjoying a cigarette outside Ceconni’s restaurant in Mayfair, where she had been dining with her family.

Iconic Imagery

Kate Moss’s association with cigarettes has been a recurring theme in her iconic photographs over the years. Despite attempts to change her lifestyle, it seems that some old habits are hard to break.

Return to Familiar Ground

Ms. Moss, known for her signature grunge-chic style, appeared makeup-free and was seen grinning as she indulged in her cigarette outside the upscale restaurant. The contrast between her fashion-forward image and her smoking habit has always been a point of intrigue for her fans.

Healthy Ambitions

Interestingly, Kate Moss had previously discussed a shift towards a healthier lifestyle at the launch of her wellness brand, Cosmoss. She had proclaimed, ‘When I started to take care of myself, things began to change.’ However, her recent return to smoking shows that the allure of old habits can sometimes prove irresistible even for the most famous faces in the fashion world.