Kate Moss’ alleged ex Count Nikolai von Bismarck spotted to be having an intense exchange with Charlotte Tilbury at Vogue World after

Tensions Arise Between Count Nikolai von Bismarck and Charlotte Tilbury at Vogue World After-Party

Rumored Exchanging Heated Words Rumors of a strained interaction surfaced when Kate Moss’ rumored ex-boyfriend, Count Nikolai von Bismarck, and her close friend Charlotte Tilbury were spotted in a tense exchange during the Vogue World after-party. Despite appearing amicable at the glamorous Vogue World event earlier, their relations seemed to have soured at the swanky after-party held at Mayfair’s George Members Club.

Visible Tension at the After-Party During the after-party, Charlotte, aged 50, was observed gesticulating animatedly towards the 36-year-old photographer, seemingly engaged in a heated conversation following their joint appearance at the event. Notably, Kate Moss, one of Charlotte’s muses, had performed at the event but was not seen on the red carpet or at the after-party.

Rita Ora’s Contrasting Interaction In contrast, mutual friend Rita Ora displayed a more light-hearted interaction with Nikolai during the same gathering. Rita was spotted enjoying a cigarette and a drink while sharing something seemingly amusing from her phone with Nikolai.

Uncertain Relationship Status Kate Moss and Nikolai von Bismarck have yet to officially comment on the status of their relationship. Speculation regarding a possible split arose when Nikolai was seen heading to a hotel with Camille Rowe. The last public sighting of Kate and Nikolai together dates back to September 2022, and neither of them has addressed the state of their relationship.

Attendance at London Fashion Week Event Both Kate and Nikolai received invitations to the prominent event, marking the largest occasion on London Fashion Week’s calendar. While tensions appeared to surface between Nikolai and Charlotte, who Kate has previously praised as a ‘great friend,’ Charlotte seemed to be showing support for her friend as she engaged in conversation with her rumored ex.

Vogue World Fundraiser Vogue World, which served as a fundraiser for Britain’s performing arts industry, featured Kate Moss’s interpretive dance performance. The event also saw Cara Delevingne in a punk-inspired ensemble. Kate, backstage, underwent a glamorous transformation before making a theatrical entrance in tribute to the theater performers benefiting from the fundraiser. Opera singers also graced the event’s crowd, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere.

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