This Morning: Isla Traquair Discusses Work-From-Home Habits and a Hilarious Zoom Incident

This Morning’s Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary Discuss Work-From-Home Habits

Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary had Isla Traquair as a guest on This Morning to delve into various topics, including the quirks of working from home.

The conversation kicked off with a discussion about drinking while working remotely, but it quickly veered into other peculiar habits that people picked up during the lockdown period.

A Hilarious Zoom Call Incident

During the show, Alison and Dermot shared a humorous photo of a man receiving a massage during a virtual meeting.

The picture depicted the man shirtless and engaged in a Zoom call, where he was simultaneously enjoying a massage. This sight prompted a series of comments and reactions from the hosts and their guest, Isla.

Debating the Acceptability of the Situation

Alison questioned the acceptability of such behavior, to which Nick Ferrari expressed his disapproval. Isla chimed in, suggesting, “Just keep your T-shirt on!”

Dermot emphasized that such actions had been criticized for being unprofessional and inappropriate.

The Humorous Take on the Situation

Amid laughter, Isla continued to share her humorous take on the man’s photo. She remarked, “How could you take him seriously if he was talking about the latest figures and you’re looking at his little moobs there.” She also added that “no one wants to see that.”

A Cheeky Twist

During the discussion, Alison playfully asked Isla how she would feel if the man in the photo were David Beckham.

Isla, after a brief pause, cheekily responded, “I’d be distracted for a completely different reason.” Alison even winked at the camera in response to Isla’s humorous remark.

Mixed Reactions from Viewers

Following the segment, viewers took to social media to express their thoughts. Some viewers voiced their frustration, particularly regarding comments about the man’s appearance, considering it body-shaming.

They questioned the appropriateness of such remarks.

Discussion of Bullying and Acts of Kindness

In other segments of the show, the hosts tackled the important issue of bullying. They featured a young boy who shared how he had raised money for charity after being bullied for his interest in musical theatre.

To support the cause, Alison and Dermot announced a donation of £1,000.

Seeking Advice and Support

The show also welcomed calls from concerned parents dealing with their children’s bullying behavior. Parents sought advice from professionals and received tips on how to address the issue.

Alison and Dermot praised the valuable advice provided during the call-in segment.

Continued Engagement with This Morning

This Morning airs on ITV every weekday at 10 am, providing viewers with a mix of entertainment, discussion, and valuable insights into various topics and issues.

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