Kate Beckinsale Criticizes BAFTA Over Stepfather’s Memorial Inclusion

Kate Beckinsale Criticizes BAFTA Over Stepfather’s Memorial Inclusion

Heartbreak and Criticism:

Kate Beckinsale has expressed her disappointment with BAFTA after the death of her TV director stepfather, Roy Battersby, at the age of 87.

The actress, devastated by the news, revealed her distress at the possibility that Roy might not be included in BAFTA’s Award ceremony’s In Memoriam segment next month.

Cold Email and Instagram Post:

Kate, aged 50, criticized BAFTA in an Instagram post for what she described as a ‘very cold email’ informing her of their decision regarding Roy’s inclusion.

In another post, she slammed the organization for not publicly apologizing to her or her family.

She shared a text message acknowledging BAFTA’s apology but emphasized the need for a public assurance and a change in their policy for bereaved families.

Call for Policy Change:

In a detailed caption, Kate urged BAFTA to make a major policy change in their communication with bereaved families, emphasizing the impact of their wording on individuals from various roles within the film and TV industry.

She highlighted the sacrifices made by the working-class individuals who form the backbone of the industry, calling for compassion and celebration in their communications.

BAFTA’s Response:

A spokesperson for BAFTA expressed regret over Roy Battersby’s passing and confirmed his inclusion in the forthcoming BAFTA Television Awards’ In Memoriam section.

The statement acknowledged Roy’s contribution as a renowned and trailblazing director, awarded the Alan Clarke Award in 1996.

Kate’s Tribute and Critique:

Kate, reminiscing about her stepfather’s achievements, posted a photo of herself presenting Roy with a lifetime achievement BAFTA.

She criticized BAFTA’s process for not guaranteeing Roy’s inclusion, stating that it felt like he had to audition after a decades-long career and the highest accolade from the organization.

Heartfelt Goodbye on Social Media:

After Roy’s passing, Kate used social media to honor him, emphasizing his contribution to major British on-screen hits like Inspector Morse and Cracker.

She expressed her heartbreak, being paralyzed, sickened, and pledged to honor Roy and his work daily.


The conflict between Kate Beckinsale and BAFTA highlights the emotional and procedural challenges faced by bereaved families in the industry.

It prompts a broader conversation about the sensitivity required in communicating with grieving individuals and the need for organizations like BAFTA to reconsider their approach in such delicate matters.