Kaizer Chiefs New Defender Ditlhokwe Embraces Pressure Amidst Club’s Struggles

Kaizer Chiefs New Defender Ditlhokwe Embraces Pressure Amidst Club’s Struggles

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. Thatayaone Ditlhokwe, the incoming defender for Kaizer Chiefs, has expressed his readiness to face the pressure associated with joining a struggling club.


Ditlhokwe, who joined the team in the January transfer window, spoke about his expectations and experience with pressure in his career.

Facing Pressure at Kaizer Chiefs:

Ditlhokwe acknowledges that playing for Kaizer Chiefs, a club aiming to return to its glory days, comes with a significant amount of pressure.

However, as an experienced center-back and former captain of his national team, Ditlhokwe believes he has already faced high-pressure situations in his career and is prepared for the challenge.

Managing Pressure and Growth:

The Botswana international emphasizes that challenges are an integral part of a player’s growth and development.

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He states that no player can grow without being tested and that facing pressure is a normal aspect of the game.

Despite the magnitude of the test at Kaizer Chiefs, Ditlhokwe is confident in his ability to manage the pressure, drawing upon his past experiences.


Honoring His Contract at SuperSport:

Ditlhokwe highlights the importance of remaining professional and honoring his contract with SuperSport United before officially joining Kaizer Chiefs.

He expresses the need to maintain a professional approach regardless of the circumstances.

The 24-year-old defender stresses that it is crucial to avoid burning bridges and leave his current club in a peaceful manner.

Professionalism and Contract Obligations:

During his time at SuperSport United, Ditlhokwe played in 27 matches across various competitions and scored two goals.

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Despite joining a struggling Amakhosi side that has endured a trophyless season, Ditlhokwe remains committed to fulfilling his contractual obligations and maintaining professionalism until the end of his contract.


Thatayaone Ditlhokwe’s arrival at Kaizer Chiefs comes with an understanding of the pressure associated with playing for the club.

As a seasoned player who has captained his national team at a young age, Ditlhokwe believes he has the experience and resilience to handle the challenges.

He emphasizes the importance of professionalism and honoring his contract with SuperSport United before embarking on his new journey with Kaizer Chiefs.


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