Cape Town and Nairobi Forge Sister City Partnership to Boost Economic Hubs in Africa

Cape Town and Nairobi Forge Sister City Partnership to Boost Economic Hubs in Africa

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis has successfully concluded a signing agreement to establish Cape Town and Nairobi as sister cities.


The primary objective of this partnership is to position both cities as the undisputed economic hubs of their respective regions.

The ceremony took place in Nairobi, with the presence of Governor Johnson Sakaja from Nairobi City County.

Choosing an African Sister City:

Mayor Hill-Lewis expressed his determination to prioritize an African city for the first city-to-city cooperation agreement in his administration, and Nairobi was the natural choice.

During his visit to Kenya, Hill-Lewis also engaged with the Kenya film commission and KenInvest, the country’s investment agency.

Similarities and Shared Vision:

Cape Town and Nairobi are cities with comparable population sizes and are experiencing rapid urbanization.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mayor Hill-Lewis highlighted the shared trajectories and missions of the two cities to become the prominent economic and innovation hubs in their respective regions.


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He emphasized the importance of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and expanding commercial links.

Potential Areas of Partnership:

The sister city agreement opens up various opportunities for collaboration.

These include knowledge sharing in infrastructure provision, affordable housing delivery, and clean energy initiatives.

Additionally, both cities have strong tourism sectors, well-developed film industries, and a shared passion for sports, providing avenues for cooperation and growth.

Established Trade and Air Connectivity:

Cape Town and Nairobi already have existing trade links, with many companies from both cities exporting products in both directions.

Furthermore, Kenya Airways operates daily flights between Cape Town and Nairobi, facilitating enhanced connectivity and reinforcing the foundation for a successful sister-city partnership.

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Common Ground and Youth Leadership:

Mayor Hill-Lewis noted the similarities between himself and Governor Sakaja, highlighting their early entry into politics and shared belief in youth leadership development.

Both leaders envision their cities at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, economic growth, and responsible governance.


Promoting Peace and Prosperity:

Mayor Hill-Lewis expressed hope that the sister city agreement would foster a close bond between Cape Town and Nairobi, leading to prosperity for both cities.

In a troubled global context, he emphasized the importance of Cape Town and Nairobi standing as beacons of light, freedom, democracy, and peace on the African continent.


The signing of the sister city agreement between Cape Town and Nairobi signifies a significant step towards fostering economic collaboration and growth.

Mayor Hill-Lewis envisions a bright and prosperous future for both cities, utilizing their positions as centers of influence to spread peace and create opportunities for their respective populations.


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