PSC: “Repentant Thugs” Recruited in Kano to Promote Peace and Development

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has explained that the “repentant thugs” recently recruited in Kano State are not policemen, but rather special constables.

The PSC spokesperson, Ikechukwu Ani, argued that the recruitment is legal and necessary, as the special constables will play a vital role in fighting crime and promoting peace and development in the state.

PSC Explains Recruitment of “Repentant Thugs” in Kano

The Police Service Commission (PSC) on Thursday cleared the air on the recruitment of “repentant thugs” in Kano State.

According to PSC, the repentant thugs were recruited to fight crime in the nooks and crannies of Kano State.

PSC Defends Recruitment

The spokesperson of the Commission, Ikechukwu Ani in a statement released in Abuja argued that the “repentant criminals” were recruited as police constabulary because they had realised that crimes do not pay.

He stated that their (thugs’) engagement was obviously for visibility and to promote sustainable peace, economic growth and development of the state, adding they had gotten adequate training on the policing system in the country.

PSC: “Repentant Thugs” Not Policemen

Ani further argued that the special constabulary were not policemen and that they are not recognised by the commission and the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, adding that the PSC would continue to recruit such persons since the Police Act captured that.

PSC Calls for Citizen-Based Approach to Security

Ani quoted the chairman of the commission, Solomon Arase as saying that security is not only a government responsibility but that of every Nigerian while calling for a citizen-based approach to security in Nigeria.


The PSC’s recruitment of “repentant thugs” in Kano has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have criticized the decision, arguing that it is dangerous to put former criminals in positions of authority.

Others have defended the decision, arguing that the special constables can play a valuable role in fighting crime and promoting peace and development in the state.

Only time will tell whether the PSC’s decision will be successful. However, it is clear that the PSC is committed to taking a new approach to crime-fighting in Nigeria.