Improved Water Supply for Johannesburg’s South Hills Residents

Water Levels on the Rise

Johannesburg Water has shared encouraging news regarding the water supply situation in the South Hills area.

Recent improvements in water levels have translated into more reliable water supply for residents in this region, offering much-needed relief.

Supply Source and Progress

The South Hills tower, a vital component of the water supply system, receives its water from Rand Water’s Klipriviersberg reservoir, which is itself replenished by the bulk supplier’s Palmiet Pump Station.

Johannesburg Water reports significant progress as of Tuesday morning, October 17th, with the Klipriviersberg reservoir reaching a notable 50% capacity.

Stabilization and Continuous Supply

The positive trend continues as the capacity of the Klipriviersberg reservoir steadily increases.

As a result, the supply to the South Hills tower has stabilized, enabling uninterrupted water provision.

Residents in the supply zone began receiving water from the evening of Monday, October 16th, and this steady supply extends into Tuesday morning.

Communities Served

The areas benefiting from the South Hills water supply include various suburbs in the feeder zone.

These communities encompass South Hills, Risana, Tulisa Park, Steeldale, Linmeyer, The Hill, Oakdene, Rosettenville, and Klipriviersberg Estate.

Ongoing Monitoring and Updates

Both Johannesburg Water and Rand Water’s technical teams are closely monitoring the situation.

They remain committed to providing regular updates to residents, ensuring the continued stability and reliability of the water supply.

Addressing Water Leaks: A Call for Action

Amid the persistent water challenges experienced in Gauteng over the past year, WaterCAN, an initiative associated with the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), has called for urgent action to address widespread water leaks.

These challenges, including water shutdowns and shortages, have emphasized the critical need for comprehensive solutions.

Widespread Water Leaks: A Crisis Point

The water situation in cities like Johannesburg, Tshwane, Ekurhuleni, and Emfuleni has reached a crisis point.

These urban areas are grappling with significant water losses due to leaks and infrastructure issues.

The situation has deteriorated to the point where cities routinely lose a substantial percentage of their water supply, emphasizing the urgency of resolving these challenges.

A Need for Immediate Action

The call from WaterCAN underscores the necessity for immediate action to address water leaks and losses, ensuring a more reliable and sustainable water supply for residents in these affected regions.

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