Joe Jonas has changed the words to the love song he penned for his ex-wife Sophie Turner in the wake of their divorce

One night after announcing his divorce, Joe Jonas sang the newly revised version of the love ballad he penned for Sophie Turner.

Joe Jonas has changed the words to the love song he penned for his ex-wife Sophie Turner in the wake of their divorce.

In the year Joe and Sophie got married, the song Hesitate by the Jonas Brothers, in which he tells his lover, “Don’t you ever say goodbye,” was released.

He declared the marriage to be “irretrievably broken” in his divorce filing on Tuesday, and he and Sophie said they intended to split custody of the kids.

Video from the following night’s Jonas Brothers show in Phoenix has surfaced on X, displaying the modification he has made to Hesitate.

Don’t be afraid because I’m on your side was the original line, but on stage this past Wednesday, Joe sang, “Don’t be afraid because I’m on her side.”

Onstage, just after Joe’s marriage broke down, the three brothers shared an emotional embrace in another viral scene from Wednesday night’s event.

According to TMZ sources, many who were close to the couple were aware that there was discord before Joe filed for a shocking divorce this week.

The couple, who are estranged, have two young daughters: Willa, who is three years old, and DJ, who is one year old and whose name has been withheld.

With “insider” remarks made by those “close to the couple,” the breakup has become contentious, igniting a massive sexism controversy.

According to one, “She likes to party and he likes to stay at home,” their disparate lives are what caused the breakup.

Other insiders who claim to have ‘direct knowledge’ of the arrangement have informed US gossip websites, including TMZ, that Joe is watching them nonstop while on tour – as Sophie films for new series Joan in the UK.

However, as reports in America portray Joe as a loving father and Sophie as a party animal, a number of essays defending the actress have arisen.

They also ask why Joe is receiving accolades for raising his own children.

In an article for Vogue, Raven Smith stated: “Team Jonas is sowing seeds of his wife being a less-than-gold-star parent, throwing a careless-mother narrative at proceedings and seeing if it sticks.”

Nobody is actually saying she’s bad; it’s simply very, very subtly implied that her preference for going out conflicts with his homebody status.

Please read between the lines because her mothering does not meet the required standards.The misogyny in this place is laughably overt.

All of these maternal demands simply keep women subjugated.

Sophie is being criticised, according to Rebecca Reid of the i, because “society doesn’t like it when women, especially moms, have fun.”

We’re expected to have our sexuality, aspirations, and need to dance while listening to Flo Rida cremated along with our placenta when we have children.

You can see how it would make sense for the public relations team handling this divorce to sit down and decide that “goes out too much, doesn’t spend enough time with her family” would be the best way to demonise Turner.

Reid’s sentiment was echoed by dozens of columnists, including Cassandra Green at Marie Claire, who lamented that “women are allowed to party, cry, work, and also be great mothers.”

There is nothing inherently wrong with a mother who enjoys socialising.

Being an extrovert or enjoying being around people is not wrong, she added.’

It seems a little sharp to equate Turner’s status as a “party girl” with Joe’s custody of the kids.

‘marry young and have children? Your life is being wasted.

Allow your spouse to look after the kids? You’re not a committed parent.

Like to have fun? That, dear God, is hardly the sign of a “good woman.”

Discuss your mental health in public? You’re nuts, I guess.

divorce yourself? You brought it about.

The idea that Turner is somehow wrong for leading a life that periodically separates her from her children, according to Stephanie McNeal at Glamour Magazine, “really resonated with many women, who said they understood what it felt like to be judged,” she continued.

In another Metro article, Kat Romero claimed that while her husband is praised for parenting their children, she receives criticism.

“In 2023, we’re still praising fathers for doing nothing more than being fathers.

It is a smack in the face of feminism and a backhand to motherhood’s engorged tit.

She noted that a mother “only needs to make a single slip-up to feel the wrath of judgement from society,” whereas a father “has to do the bare minimum” to be thought of as outstanding.

“I can’t tell you how many times people were shocked that my partner gave me hours to myself to nap, go for a walk, or see my friends while also changing diapers constantly and waking up in the middle of the night for bottle feedings.”

UK broadsheets, meanwhile, questioned why we should feel sorry for Joe Jonas and if the breakup might have something to do with the cultural differences between the UK and the US.

If women experienced “secret schadenfreude” and “smugness” that “finally someone male understands what many of us women have been putting up with for years,” Lucy Denyer of the Telegraph questioned.

The fact that he is an American and she is a British national creates an insurmountable obstacle in this situation, in my opinion.

Crystal clear Joe, a Pentecostal minister’s son who wanted to wait until marriage before having sex (spoiler alert: he didn’t wait), grew up wearing a purity ring.

‘Turner grew up in the Warwickshire countryside with two elder brothers, a bunch of pigs, and a purity ring that he has described as “laughably, toe-curlingly lame.”

She is desperate to return to England because she misses “the people, the attitude, everything” (because “everything” is working extremely hard there).

He wants to stay in Florida.

He has contributed his name and image to a canned, fizzy, “low cal” sangria that contains 80% less sugar because it is his favourite beverage.

She attended her hen party in Benidorm, enjoys the occasional cocktail, and is quoted as saying that she wishes she had spent her 20s as a wife and mother rather than “could have gone out and drunk a lot and thrown up in the middle of a club without it being photographed.”

According to Kate Maxwell at the Times, Americans have a “restrained attitude towards alcohol” and a “fun ban.”

Turner could require a new role rather than a new way of life.

My suggestion for Jonas? Join the picket line for the writers’ strike instead of blaming Britain’s drinking culture.

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