Jewish Comedian Bennett Arron Alleges Anti-Semitic Verbal Attack by Unnamed Agent at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Bennett Arron, a BAFTA-nominated Jewish comedian performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, has come forward with a distressing claim.

He revealed that an influential comedy agent, responsible for representing some ‘well known’ acts, subjected him to a severe anti-Semitic attack within a venue.

Following a performance of his show titled ‘Loser’, Arron shared that the agent verbally assaulted him in front of his family.

The incident has raised concerns about rising anti-Semitism and the targeting of minority groups.

Verbal Assault and Offensive Remarks

In a disturbing turn of events, Arron detailed that the agent launched into a tirade against him, asserting that Jews tend to exaggerate anti-Semitism while other minority groups have legitimate grounds for complaint.

The agent further vocalized offensive opinions, stating that Jews should not have been granted Israel and accused Jews of smearing Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party.

The comedian expressed his distress at being subjected to such hateful remarks, especially in front of his family, at a time when he was celebrating his success at the festival.

Reactions and Context

Gary Mond, Chairman of the National Jewish Assembly, highlighted the need to address comments like these head-on.

He drew attention to the escalating levels of anti-Semitism in the UK, emphasizing that Jews are disproportionately targeted by hate crimes.

Mond corrected the misrepresentation of historical events, emphasizing that Israel was not “given” to Jews but was established through complex geopolitical circumstances, including a war of independence.

Additionally, he countered the assertion that Jews “smeared” Jeremy Corbyn, stating that their responses were reactions to Corbyn’s actions and statements that raised concerns about anti-Semitism.

Challenges at the Edinburgh Fringe

The incident involving Bennett Arron is just one example of the controversies that have emerged during the month-long Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The festival, known for promoting stand-up and free speech, has recently faced criticism and backlash for perceived censorship.

Notably, the cancellation of Father Ted writer Graham Linehan’s show due to his gender critical views sparked debates about the limits of free expression and the festival’s commitment to diverse perspectives.

Supporters’ Reaction and Concerns

Supporters of Graham Linehan and free speech have expressed their dismay at what they perceive as inconsistencies in the treatment of comedians.

They cited instances where controversial figures like Frankie Boyle were allowed to perform despite provocative content.

Some attendees have chosen to boycott the festival, renaming it the “Edinburgh Cringe” as a sign of protest against perceived censorship and a departure from the festival’s edgy and boundary-pushing past.


This incident highlights the complexities of maintaining a balance between free speech and respect for diverse perspectives within the context of comedy.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s struggles with these issues underscore the challenges faced by platforms that aim to showcase a wide range of voices while navigating sensitive topics and societal shifts in attitudes.

The incident involving Bennett Arron serves as a reminder that hateful rhetoric, regardless of the setting, has far-reaching consequences and underscores the importance of ongoing efforts to combat discrimination and promote understanding.

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