Jason Aldean Defends Controversial Music Video Amid Criticism

Country music star Jason Aldean has responded to critics who labeled his hit song, “Try That In a Small Town,” a “lynching song.”

In his first network news interview addressing the controversy, Aldean defended both the song and its music video.

He emphasized that the video featured people of various races and did not focus on one specific group as the problem, contrary to what some critics had claimed.

Aldean expressed surprise at the level of controversy, admitting he expected more heat for mentioning the word “gun” in the song.

Regarding the video’s controversial location in front of the Maury County Courthouse in Tennessee, which had a history of mob lynching and race riots, Aldean defended his choice, stating he did not research the place’s history beforehand.

He also argued that it would be challenging to find a location in the South without a racial issue in its history.

Despite the controversy, Aldean asserted that he knew his intentions behind the video and the song, and he would do it over again, although he might consider a different location.

Critics had accused the song of promoting violence and fueling racism due to its lyrics, which included references to “taking care of our own” and protecting against carjackers, flag desecration, and confrontations with law enforcement.

Aldean’s song also came under scrutiny for apparent contradictions, as he seemed to promote gun ownership and vigilantism, despite having experienced a mass shooting during his 2017 concert.

Aldean’s response highlighted that his wife and fans were present during the incident, which profoundly affected his perspective.

Jason Aldean expressed that he believed the song’s biggest issue would be its mention of “gun” and that he did not anticipate the level of controversy it received.

He defended the song’s message, emphasizing that it was not about race but about people coming together and acting responsibly.

The song’s music video, despite initial controversy, saw a significant increase in streaming and digital song sales after its release.

Jason Aldean remains a prominent figure in country music, despite ongoing criticism regarding the video.

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