James Biden Denies Brother’s Involvement in CEFC Deal Amidst Allegations of $200K Repayment Scheme

James Biden Denies Brother’s Involvement in CEFC Deal Amidst Allegations of $200K Repayment Scheme

In a testimony before Congress, James Biden staunchly defended his brother, President Joe Biden, asserting that the president was not involved in the CEFC deal and denied knowledge of a $200,000 repayment scheme.

James insisted that Joe Biden never participated in any business meetings with Chinese energy company CEFC officials.

Loan Repayments and CEFC Business: James Biden Offers Counterstatements to Hunter’s Testimony

Amidst questions about $200,000 and $40,000 payments labeled as loan repayments to President Joe Biden, James Biden admitted to using funds from his deal with CEFC China Energy to repay his brother.

However, he emphasized the lack of proper loan documentation, citing the familial nature of the transactions.

CEFC Business Dealings: James’s Contradictory Testimony to Hunter’s Claims

In a divergence from Hunter Biden’s testimony, James Biden asserted that Joe Biden never attended a 2017 business meeting with CEFC officials, contradicting claims made by a former associate.

James maintained that he engaged with CEFC based on Hunter’s assurance that it was a private company, distancing himself from any illicit business ties with the Chinese government.

Family Dynamics and Substance Abuse: James Opens Up about Hunter’s Struggles

Beyond business dealings, James Biden revealed insights into the Biden family dynamics, acknowledging Hunter’s well-documented substance abuse issues.

James disclosed attempts to take Hunter to rehab multiple times between 2017 and 2018 and distanced himself from Hunter’s practice of putting Joe Biden on speakerphone in business meetings.

James Biden’s Testimony Raises Questions: Republicans Continue Investigation Despite Recent Setback

As James Biden testified, questions arose about the Biden family’s financial dealings and their connection to Joe Biden.

Republicans, undeterred by recent developments, continue their investigation into what they label an “influence-peddling scheme.”

The focus remains on unraveling how the Biden family acquired over $20 million in foreign money over the years, despite challenges to the foundation of their impeachment inquiry.

James Biden’s Americore Involvement: Allegations of Using Brother’s Name to ‘Open Doors’

As James Biden faced inquiries about his involvement with health care startup Americore, accusations emerged that he used his last name to “open doors” and secure deals.

Americore’s downfall in 2019, accompanied by bankruptcy and fraud investigations, raised questions about James Biden’s role and his alleged attempts to involve Joe Biden in business pitches.

Bank Records and Loan Repayment: James Biden’s Financial Transactions Draw Scrutiny

Bankruptcy court documents revealed financial transactions between James Biden and Americore, where he reportedly sent money directly to Joe Biden.

The $200,000 loan repayment, labeled as such on a personal check, became a focal point, with Republicans contending that it directly implicates Joe Biden in familial financial dealings.

Democrats, however, point to wire transfers as evidence of prior loans.

James Biden’s Defense and Democrats’ Response: The Ongoing Impeachment Inquiry

James Biden’s defense in his testimony aligns with Democrats’ dismissal of the impeachment inquiry foundation, citing recent developments, while Republicans maintain their focus on unraveling the Biden family’s financial entanglements.

The ongoing investigation into Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in his family’s business dealings continues, with future testimonies, including Hunter Biden’s, anticipated in the coming weeks.

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