Queen’s Legendary Frontman Freddie Mercury to Perform Again – This Time as a Hologram

Queen’s Legendary Frontman Freddie Mercury to Perform Again – This Time as a Hologram

The late legendary singer Freddie Mercury, who passed away in 1991, is set to make a stunning return to the stage as a hologram.

The company managing Mercury’s back catalogue has officially filed a trademark for his name in 3D and virtual reality, suggesting plans for immersive experiences and virtual environments reminiscent of ABBA’s Voyage residency in London.

Trademark for 3D and Virtual Reality Experiences

Legal documents reveal that the trademark encompasses “immersive 3D virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences” as well as “virtual environments.”

This move aligns with the growing trend of utilizing holographic technology to bring iconic performers back to life in a digital format. The trademark also extends to cover video games.

Queen’s Consideration of Holographic Performances

Last year, Queen guitarist Brian May disclosed that the band had seriously considered holograms of Freddie Mercury for performances.

While emphasizing their preference for live performances, Brian May expressed openness to holographic representations in the future. The band has previously incorporated video footage of Freddie Mercury into their live shows.

Record-Shattering $1.2 Billion Sale of Queen’s Music Catalog

Simultaneously, reports indicate that Queen is in advanced talks for a record-breaking $1.2 billion sale of their entire music catalog.

This deal, if finalized, would surpass Bruce Springsteen’s $550 million sale in 2021. The sale includes recordings, publishing rights, and royalty streams.

The valuation is based on anticipated returns for investors over the coming decades, showcasing the enduring value of Queen’s music.

Unique Market Position of Queen’s Catalog

Industry experts view Queen’s potential deal as “seismic” and unprecedented, considering the distinctive appeal of their catalog.

Queen’s ownership of both the ‘master’ copyright and ‘publishing’ copyright contributes to the uniqueness of their catalog.

The sale would likely encompass ancillary income streams, including revenue from merchandise, the biographical movie Bohemian Rhapsody, and future projects.

Market Trends and Valuation

While the music catalog market experienced a surge in valuations during the pandemic, it has cooled off recently.

Queen’s potential deal, however, defies the trend and exemplifies how iconic artists can command substantial sums for their catalogs.

The valuation takes into account metrics like ‘album consumption units,’ reflecting the enduring popularity of Queen’s music across generations.

Potential Buyers and Industry Dynamics

Universal Music Group is rumored to be a frontrunner in the deal, with negotiations potentially entering an exclusive period with an undisclosed suitor.

The buyer would acquire not only the masters and publishing copyright but also ancillary income streams. Queen’s ability to attract a younger audience has contributed to the continued success and value of their catalog.

Assessment of Queen’s Unique Position

Industry insiders emphasize the uniqueness of Queen’s catalog, noting its widespread appeal and enduring popularity among audiences of all ages.

The potential deal is seen as a strategic move by Queen, capitalizing on the current market conditions while their catalog remains highly sought after.

Closing Remarks on Market Dynamics

Despite the recent decline in catalog valuations since the pandemic peak, legendary bands like Queen are poised to secure substantial payouts for their iconic catalogs.

The enduring popularity of Queen’s music and its ability to resonate with younger generations positions their catalog as a highly valuable and sought-after asset in the music industry.

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