Tonto Dikeh Offers Support to Fellow Singles Amidst Kunle Remi and Moses Bliss’ Recent Nuptials

Tonto Dikeh Offers Support to Fellow Singles Amidst Kunle Remi and Moses Bliss’ Recent Nuptials

Nollywood Star Tonto Dikeh Extends Sympathy to Singles Amidst Colleagues’ Joyous Nuptials

Tonto Dikeh, a prominent actress in the Nigerian film industry, is reaching out to her fellow singles in the wake of her colleagues Kunle Remi and gospel singer Moses Bliss tying the knot.

Both Kunle Remi and Moses Bliss recently celebrated their weddings, leaving Tonto Dikeh reflecting on love and companionship.

Colleagues Kunle Remi and Moses Bliss Seal the Deal

Kunle Remi, accompanied by his wife Tiwi, fulfilled their engagement announcement made on January 1, 2024, by exchanging vows last week.

Simultaneously, gospel sensation Moses Bliss proposed to his partner, Marie Wiseborn, a Ghanaian residing in the United Kingdom.

The joyous occasions triggered Tonto Dikeh’s empathetic message to those navigating the single life.

Tough Week for the Singles Association

Expressing the challenges of the week for the Singles Association of Nigeria, Tonto Dikeh shared her personal experience.

She humorously described being under her duvet, responding to the joyous news with an “Awww awww aww.” Tonto questioned her fellow singles on how they managed to survive the week, emphasizing that no external pressure could affect her.

Her caption playfully noted the strength required to endure the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Words of Encouragement and Congratulations

In her words of encouragement, Tonto Dikeh addressed her fellow singles, urging them to stand strong as they navigate the complexities of love amidst wedding celebrations.

She concluded her message with hugs and kisses, congratulating Moses Bliss and Kunle Remi on their respective unions.

Visual Expression of Tonto Dikeh’s Message

To visually complement her message, Tonto Dikeh shared a post featuring an image expressing solidarity with single ladies during what she humorously referred to as a challenging week.

The image conveyed her support for fellow singles while extending congratulations to Moses Bliss and Kunle Remi on their marriage milestones.

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