Isaac Calderon, U.S. Soldier Accused of Hit-and-Run, Urged to Face Justice in the UK

Isaac Calderon, a 22-year-old American soldier, is facing allegations of causing serious injury by dangerous driving in the UK after colliding with nurse Elizabeth Donowho.

Despite failing to appear in court, Calderon has opted to remain in the United States.

The incident occurred on the A4103 near Shucknall in Herefordshire on July 31, leaving Ms. Donowho with significant injuries.

The Fleeing Soldier:

Isaac Calderon, reportedly associated with the secret services, is now a wanted individual by West Mercia police.

Having missed his court appearance on December 1, he chose to fly back to Houston, Texas, where he resides.

His actions have sparked comparisons to the case of Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a U.S. spy, who fled to the U.S. after causing a fatal crash in the UK.

Family’s Plea for Return:

Calderon’s uncle, Jonathan Calderon, expressed his disappointment in his nephew’s decision to flee, emphasizing that there is no honor in evading justice.

Despite speculations that Isaac might have “freaked out,” his uncle encourages him to return to the UK and face the legal consequences.

Isaac’s military career is at risk, and his uncle believes it’s not too late for him to make amends.

Family Background and Military Heritage:

Isaac Calderon comes from a family with a strong military background. His father, Manuel, a former Marine, instilled principles of respect and responsibility.

The family’s military heritage, with Isaac’s grandfather having fought in World War II and Korea, adds weight to the plea for accountability.

Comparisons to Notorious Cases:

The incident draws parallels to the case of Anne Sacoolas, who faced similar accusations of fleeing the UK after causing a fatal crash.

The contrasting outcomes, with Sacoolas eventually admitting guilt remotely, highlight the complexities of international legal proceedings.


Isaac Calderon’s evasion of justice raises questions about accountability and the challenges of prosecuting individuals across borders.

The case underscores the impact on both personal and professional fronts, with implications for Calderon’s military career.

The plea from his family reflects the tension between personal choices and the pursuit of justice, echoing similar high-profile cases that have tested the boundaries of legal jurisdiction.

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