Tiny Chihuahua Could Claim Title of Britain’s Smallest Dog, Measuring Only 5 Inches

Tiny Chihuahua Could Claim Title of Britain’s Smallest Dog, Measuring Only 5 Inches

Miracle Pup Overcomes Odds

In an extraordinary tale of resilience, ‘Dippy Della,’ a chihuahua from Ringwood, Hampshire, is poised to potentially claim the title of Britain’s smallest dog, measuring a mere 5 inches in height.

Born as the runt of the litter, Della faced numerous challenges, weighing only a few grams at birth and being rejected by her mother, possibly due to an underlying health condition.

A Near Miss with Euthanasia

Initially, a vet recommended euthanasia for Dippy Della due to her fragile condition.

Gemmy Jones, her breeder owner, stepped in and saved the tiny pup from this fate, determined to give her a chance at life.

Gemmy recalls, “The breeder said if you want her, I think you will have to come and get her early.

I knew I was going to need to be a bit attentive; she was only a few grams, and the vet wanted to put her down.”

Early Struggles and Triumphs

Facing challenges such as difficulty in feeding alongside her healthier siblings, Dippy Della required round-the-clock care.

Gemmy, committed to the cause, kept the pup in a shoe box by her bed, feeding her every three hours throughout the night to ensure she built up her strength.

Despite initial concerns, Dippy Della surpassed expectations and thrived.

Life in a Bubble

Now fully grown but still significantly smaller than Gemmy’s other dogs, Dippy Della has found her place in the world. Gemmy describes her as living in her “own little bubble” and affectionately calls her ‘Dippy Della.’

The tiny chihuahua displays a unique personality, finding joy in the simplest things like being surprised by the sky. Gemmy notes, “She is healthy and happy and loves life.”

Unique Care Routine

Given her size, Dippy Della requires special care, including a custom diet with smaller portions, a ferret harness for walks due to her delicate neck, and ramps for mobility.

Gemmy shares, “You do need to make sure of her whereabouts because the last thing you want to do is bump her.”

Tiny but Feisty

Despite her diminutive size, Dippy Della exudes character and feistiness. Gemmy reveals that she uses a ferret harness and lead for walks, emphasizing that “she will run flat out and spin in circles with excitement.”

While she may exhibit “small dog syndrome” with a bit of yappiness, Gemmy cherishes Dippy Della’s unique personality.

Potential Record Breaker

If officially recognized, Dippy Della could surpass the previous unofficial record holder, a Yorkie-chihuahua cross named Daisy, who stands at 8.5 inches tall.

The tiny chihuahua’s story serves as a testament to resilience and the triumph of life against all odds.

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