Investigating Mr Ball’s Actions: Police Interaction and Engagements

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Mr Ball’s Interaction with the Police and Engagement with Individuals


Mr Ball contacted the police while en route to Newport Central police station.

During one of the calls, background voices could be heard making threatening comments.

Additionally, he left a voicemail for support worker Ms Lear, describing being assaulted and being “covered in blood.”

Conversation at the Police Station: Discussing the Assault with PCSOs

Upon arriving at the police station, Mr Ball spoke with two PCSOs, Montgomery-Brown and Pesci, for approximately 20 minutes regarding the assault.

Contrary to his earlier claims, Mr Ball was not covered in blood, but he did have injuries on his lip and elbow.


The discrepancy between Mr Ball’s initial statements about being covered in blood and his actual physical injuries raises questions about the accuracy of his initial report.

It is important for the police to gather all available information and assess the situation objectively.

Police Officer Intervention

PC Smith’s Decision and Future Statement Options

PC Smith, a police officer, arrived at the scene and determined that no statement could be taken from Mr Ball due to his intoxicated state.

Instead, Mr Ball was provided with a contact number to use when he was in a better condition to provide a formal statement.

The decision not to take a statement from Mr Ball due to his intoxicated state suggests that his ability to provide a coherent and accurate account of the incident was compromised.

Waiting for him to sober up and ensuring a clear and reliable statement is crucial for a thorough investigation.


Interaction at 15 Heron Way: Engagement with Individuals Near Mr Ball’s Home

Instead of heading home, Mr Ball went to 15 Heron Way, the residence of Billy Williams and Stacey Matson.

Outside, he engaged in a conversation with a man in a white car, while Mr Williams and another man observed.

Mr Ball’s decision to divert from his intended route and engage in a conversation with individuals outside the residence raises further questions about his actions and intentions.

This additional encounter may provide important context or potential leads for the ongoing investigation.


Mr Ball’s phone calls to the police, along with his interaction at the police station and subsequent engagement with individuals, form a complex sequence of events.

The police’s response, the accuracy of Mr Ball’s initial claims, and his actions afterwards will require careful examination to uncover the truth surrounding the reported assault.


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