Nicaraguan Priest Speaks Out About Being Insulted, Beaten and Imprisoned

In a powerful address at the International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington, D.C., a Nicaraguan priest shared a harrowing account of the persecution he faced under the regime of President Daniel Ortega.

Speaking anonymously to shield himself from potential reprisals, the priest detailed the alarming ordeals of arrest, insults, beatings, and imprisonment at the hands of the oppressive Nicaraguan authorities.

Personal Sacrifice Amidst Danger

The priest, emphasizing the gravity of his decision to speak out, conveyed that his presence at the summit was not a leisurely escape but a courageous act undertaken amid imminent threats to the lives of his family and loved ones in Nicaragua.

He unveiled the unsettling reality of constant surveillance by Sandinista Police patrols stationed outside his family’s residence, surveilling their every move, day and night.

Motivations for Speaking Out

Undeterred by the risks and potential consequences, the priest underscored two compelling reasons for his decision to step into the spotlight.

Firstly, his unwavering belief in a higher power, expressing faith that there is a God who watches over them even in the face of adversity.

Secondly, he articulated a broader responsibility for Christians who advocate for democracy, freedom, and social justice.

The priest emphasized the urgent need for collective action, asserting that if believers in these values remain passive, no one else will champion the cause.

A Call to Action for Believers

By sharing his perilous journey and the sacrifices made for the greater good, the Nicaraguan priest aimed to galvanize fellow Christians and supporters of freedom worldwide.

His testimony served as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by those who dare to resist oppressive regimes and the critical role that faith and collective action play in the pursuit of justice.

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