February 2024 SASSA Payment Dates

February 2024 SASSA Payment Dates

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has recently disclosed the payment schedule for February 2024, encompassing various social grants.

Social grants, such as the Older Persons (Pensioners) Grant, Disability Grant, and the Children’s Grant, are disbursed on a monthly basis to eligible recipients who meet the basic means tests for each specific grant.

Understanding these payment dates is crucial for individuals anticipating the receipt of their grants.

Payment Dates and Method

Social grant payments for February 2024 will be credited to the bank accounts of beneficiaries who have provided their banking details in their SASSA profiles.

Alternatively, collection is also feasible at designated retailers, including SPAR, PNP, and Boxer Stores.

It is imperative for beneficiaries to be aware of the approved payment dates to facilitate the timely acquisition of their social grants.

February 2024 Social Grant Payment Schedule

The payment schedule for February 2024 is as follows:

  1. Older Persons (Pensioners) Grant: Payments commence on 2 February.
  2. Disability Grant: Beneficiaries will receive payments starting from 5 February.
  3. Childcare (Children’s) Grant: Payments for this grant are scheduled for 6 February.

On these specified dates, approved social grants will be accessible to beneficiaries.

It is essential to note that individuals whose grants face rejection have the option to file an appeal, which must be submitted in writing.

Noteworthy Information on Social Grants

For individuals receiving their social grants through a gold card, there is positive news. Gold Cards are confirmed to remain valid throughout the entirety of 2024.

Despite previous speculations, the social security agency has assured beneficiaries that the gold cards will remain functional for the entire year, unless stipulated otherwise.


Understanding the SASSA payment schedule for February 2024 is vital for grant recipients to ensure a seamless process of receiving their funds.

These specified dates enable beneficiaries to plan accordingly and anticipate the arrival of their respective social grants.

Additionally, the assurance of the continued validity of Gold Cards for the year 2024 brings relief to beneficiaries relying on this method of grant collection.