In Memoriam: Henry Kissinger’s Death Ignites Discord and Praise Across the Globe

Celebrating the Demise of Henry Kissinger: A Divided Response

Leftist Outcry and Rolling Stone’s Blunt Critique:

The news of Henry Kissinger’s death has sparked intense reactions, particularly from the leftist camp.

Rolling Stone, known for its provocative stance, led the charge with a headline that labeled Kissinger a ‘war criminal’ and expressed ‘good riddance’ to the statesman.

The obituary, penned by Spencer Ackerman, portrayed Kissinger’s legacy solely through the lens of his perceived actions on the global stage.

Comparisons and Criticisms:

The article drew comparisons between Kissinger and notorious figures like Timothy McVeigh, infamous for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Ackerman’s portrayal positioned Kissinger among history’s worst mass murderers, creating a narrative that resonated with some left-leaning audiences, as evident in the positive response on Twitter.

Varied Voices and Political Figures:

Rolling Stone was not alone in its swift condemnation.

Ben Rhodes, a senior adviser to Barack Obama, labeled Kissinger a ‘hypocrite,’ and Huff Po referred to him as ‘America’s most notorious war criminal.’

Former President George W. Bush, however, led tributes, showcasing a divergence in perspectives within the political spectrum.

Mixed Opinions on Social Media and Streets:

Social media became a battleground of opinions, with some expressing jubilation at Kissinger’s death, particularly among protesters of the Israel-Hamas war.

Critics argued that such reactions oversimplified a complex legacy, pointing out the challenges and difficult choices faced during the Cold War.

Political Figures Respond:

Greg Swenson, chairman of Republicans Overseas UK, acknowledged the complexity of Kissinger’s legacy, emphasizing his role as a major statesman.

Republican former candidate Tudor Dixon criticized Rolling Stone, and political commentator Phumlani Majozi highlighted the selective scrutiny faced by Kissinger.

Resurfaced Criticisms and Divergent Views:

The piece brought attention to past criticisms, including scathing remarks by the late Anthony Bourdain.

Divergent opinions resurfaced, reflecting the polarizing nature of Kissinger’s legacy.

Former Labour MP Chris Mullin labeled him a ‘cynical old war criminal,’ while former Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised Kissinger as a ‘giant of diplomacy and strategy.’

Global Elite Tributes and Varied Perspectives:

The death of the diplomatic giant, who advised 12 presidents, has ignited a global debate.

Ben Rhodes criticized Kissinger’s actions in Southeast Asia, emphasizing failures in expanding the Vietnam War.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson and security minister Tom Tugendhat expressed gratitude for Kissinger’s diplomatic contributions.

In the wake of Kissinger’s death, the world witnesses a divided response, reflecting the complex and multifaceted nature of his impact on global affairs.

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