Shocking Details Emerge About the Murder of Deputy Registrar in Imo State

Shocking Details Emerge About the Murder of Deputy Registrar in Imo State

In a distressing incident that has sent shockwaves through Imo State, new information has come to light regarding the murder of Innocent Obi, the late Deputy Registrar of the Federal Polytechnic, Uwana, in Ebonyi State.

This tragic event has taken a grim turn with its connection to a prominent political figure in the state.

Victim’s Connection to a Political Figure

Innocent Obi, often known as ‘Onye Army,’ was brutally killed by unknown gunmen in Imo State.

What makes this incident even more notable is the revelation that he is the cousin of Senator Athan Achonu, who is the governorship candidate for the Labour Party (LP) in the state.

The Grisly Attack

The horrifying attack occurred when a group of armed men, numbering approximately six and riding on three motorcycles, descended upon Obi’s country home in Ezeala, Ezike Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo.

According to sources from the community, these assailants, disguised in military and police uniforms, carried out the gruesome act.

Tragic Sequence of Events

Obi’s tragic end unfolded as he returned home from attending a funeral.

The assailants, having tracked him to his residence, engaged in a brutal and deadly attack.

Eyewitnesses report that the attackers forcibly entered Obi’s home, wielding machetes and axes.

As they carried out this heinous act, Obi’s desperate cries for help drew the attention of nearby villagers.

Terrifying Show of Force

Despite the onlookers’ attempts to intervene, the gunmen employed a show of force that included relentless shooting into the air.

This tactic effectively deterred anyone from attempting to rescue the victim.

Subsequently, the assailants abducted ‘Dee Onye Army,’ leaving behind a horrific scene marked by heavy bloodstains within the house.

Discovery of a Decayed Corpse

Tragically, Obi’s decomposed corpse was discovered several days after the initial attack. A search party organized by the local community made the grim discovery on a Sunday.

The revelation of the state of the victim’s remains has further intensified the shock and sorrow within the community.

Community Gripped by Fear

The brutal murder of the Deputy Registrar has plunged the local community into a state of deep distress and fear.

The audacious and ruthless nature of the attack, coupled with the victim’s ties to a gubernatorial candidate, has amplified concerns about security and the implications of this tragic incident in Imo State.

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