Hollywood’s Leading Exorcist Reveals Her A-Lister Clients

Rachel Stavis, a prominent figure in Hollywood’s exorcism world and the star of “Celebrity Exorcism,” has shared insights into her extraordinary life, which involves assisting celebrities and purging literal demons from various individuals, including rock stars and A-listers.

While some of her high-profile clients like Jodie Sweetin and Metta Sandiford-Artest have been publicly disclosed, she keeps the majority of her clientele confidential, providing them with a “safe space.”

An Array of Celebrity Clients

Rachel Stavis’ client list extends beyond actors and athletes; she has worked with politicians, Oscar winners, rock icons, and wrestlers, making her a go-to for celebrities seeking help in various areas of their lives.

She has assisted clients with issues ranging from addiction to fertility and trauma, demonstrating that her services go beyond just exorcism.

From Seeing Entities as a Child to Becoming a Modern Exorcist

Rachel’s ability to see entities, which she describes as spirits or demons, has been with her since childhood.

She had the unique capacity to see these entities with her eyes, much like how others perceive regular people. Her early experiences of seeing monsters and entities were met with skepticism by her parents, leading her to suppress this ability for years.

It wasn’t until she was around 30 years old that she embraced her unique sight, realizing it was an integral part of her identity.

The Distinctive Appearance of Entities

Entities, in Rachel’s view, often don’t resemble humans, even when they try to mimic human form.

She mentions that they are quite poor at assuming human appearances, with features like faces, eyes, and mouths being noticeably different from those of a living human. Trickster entities, in particular, attempt to maintain human forms when visiting, but their attempts are typically far from convincing.

Correcting Misconceptions About Demons

Rachel addresses a common misconception among celebrity clients who believe they are intimately familiar with their demons. In her experience, clients often misidentify their demons and attribute specific characteristics to them.

She provides the example of rock legends who believe they have a particular demon associated with music. However, she frequently finds that the demon they believe is causing issues is not actually the problem.

Rachel’s Upcoming Projects

Rachel’s memoir, “Sister of Darkness: The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist,” is now available, and it is being adapted into a scripted series at FX, with Emma Roberts set to star.

Rachel Stavis’ story provides a unique perspective on her work as an exorcist for celebrities and those seeking her assistance with various life challenges.

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