Expert Recommendations: Top Dog Breeds for First-Time Owners

Expert’s Top Dog Breed Picks

An animal expert, Elle, working in the veterinary field, has shared her insights on the best dog breeds for first-time owners. Elle’s recommendations are based on her experience and knowledge of various breeds.

Havanese: The Teddy-Bear Companion

Elle’s first recommendation is the Havanese, a small, teddy-bear-like toy dog with a cheerful demeanor.

According to Elle, they are sweet, non-shedding, and great for families. However, they can be a bit needy and may develop separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods.

Bernese Mountain Dog: Floofy and Gentle

The Bernese mountain dog is described as “floofy and goofy, gentle, and loveable” by Elle. They are rated as excellent family pets.

However, owners should be aware of potential health issues, including gut, hip, and elbow conditions, as well as certain cancers.

Portuguese Water Dog: Spirited and Intelligent

Elle’s next recommendation is the Portuguese water dog, known for its spirited, athletic, and intelligent nature.

They are considered excellent family dogs, characterized by their sweetness and intelligence.

Springer Spaniel: Trainable and Loyal

Elle suggests the springer spaniel as a great choice for first-time owners. These dogs are trainable, incredibly loyal, and known for their overall greatness.

Rescue Dogs: The Ultimate Companions

Elle’s top pick is rescue dogs. She emphasizes that some of the best dogs are those given a second chance at life. Rescue dogs love their owners unconditionally, making them highly recommended choices. Adopting a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience.

Viewer Opinions

TikTok viewers shared their thoughts about the recommended breeds, with some expressing enthusiasm for rescue dogs. Others mentioned their experiences with specific breeds, highlighting both positive and skeptical perspectives.

The Five Breeds to Avoid

In a previous video, Elle also revealed five dog breeds she would avoid owning.

These breeds include huskies, chihuahuas, brachycephalic dogs (short-nosed or flat-faced breeds), Great Danes, and Belgian Malinois.

Elle provided insights into why these breeds might not be suitable for certain owners.

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