“I’m a doctor – here are two ways to help reduce scarring”

“I’m a doctor – here are two ways to help reduce scarring”

A doctor has shared simple advice on minimizing scarring after undergoing surgery. Dr. Michael, a Scottish physician practicing in Australia, posted a TikTok video on July 4 to his medical and health-focused account, which has 389,000 followers. Known as @drmichaelsays on the platform, he holds a Master’s and Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree. He frequently offers surgical guidance and health cautions about everyday items, such as sunscreen, vitamins, and vapes. The video, uploaded on July 4, has received over 7,000 likes and 225 comments to date. Many viewers intend to follow his suggestions, some recount their experiences with the recommended products, and others point out similar alternatives.

In the video, Dr. Michael highlights two items that can enhance scar tissue appearance: silicone tape and scar treatment gel. He states, “‘Is there anything that works for scars?’ This is a question I receive frequently. During my time in Australia, I often excised skin cancers, so dealing with scars is routine. There are various options—some simple, some more complex, like lasers and invasive treatments. However, I’ve found consistent application of certain products to be effective. Firstly, you can obtain silicone gel from Boots; it’s user-friendly. The key is consistency—apply it daily.”

He goes on to recommend another product, saying, “I find that silicone tape works slightly better. This may require online ordering and comes in a roll. Cut it to match your scar’s size, apply it, and leave it on until it naturally comes off. It remains intact even during showers and can stay on for days or weeks. Just keep it on and replace it after around two weeks. When you remove it, you’ll notice some difference—it’s particularly helpful for reducing redness.”

Comments poured in from users who endorsed the recommended products, while others shared personal stories of scar care. Some expressed their positive experiences with both the gel and silicone tape, describing smoother skin and improved healing. A few users suggested other helpful products, such as castor oil and Bio-Oil. However, a few individuals mentioned that Dr. Michael’s recommended products, especially the tape, had not yielded satisfactory results for them. They emphasized that a variety of treatments, including creams, gels, and tapes, are available in the market.

Dr. Michael’s suggestions, along with other options, may be more suitable for individuals on a budget or those not prepared for extensive laser sessions. An Australian woman’s unfortunate experience serves as a cautionary tale after undergoing a laser session in March 2023 for pigmentation. Due to incorrect machine settings, she was left with severe scarring.

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