Big Brother Naija Champion Ilebaye Sparks Controversy with Studio Meltdown

Controversy Surrounding Ilebaye’s Studio Incident

Ilebaye, the most recent champion of Big Brother Naija All-Stars, found herself at the center of controversy following a public meltdown during a conversation with Charles of Glitch Africa Studio.

Charles’ Account of the Incident

Charles, a well-known TV personality and interviewer, took to social media to share his perspective on the incident.

He revealed that he had invited Ilebaye to the studio for an interview. However, upon her arrival, he overheard her engaged in a heated argument with her chaperone.

Concern and Investigation

Worried about the situation, Charles hurried outside to investigate the commotion.

Unfortunately, by the time he returned, Ilebaye had abruptly left the studio without providing any explanation or meeting the production crew.

Recording Session Disruption

Charles explained that they had already commenced recording with guests Pere and Adekunle when Ilebaye arrived at the studio.

This unexpected timing clash meant that they were unable to interrupt the ongoing session to accommodate her.

Consequently, Ilebaye had to wait for the next scheduled session, which was supposed to include her and Cross.

Charles’ Expression of Frustration

Charles didn’t mince words in expressing his frustration, stating that despite Ilebaye’s victory on the reality show, her behavior had not always reflected exceptional character.

He concluded by asserting that her actions had shown disrespect to the entire staff at Glitch Africa Studio.

Social Media Reaction

In response to Charles’ account, social media users had varying reactions. Some sympathized with Ilebaye, citing possible stress and tension, while others criticized Charles for not rescheduling the interview.

Reactions from Social Media Users

  • annie_gram5 pointed out that Ilebaye had a busy schedule and suggested that Charles should have handled the situation differently, rather than publicly ranting about it.
  • pheight questioned the decision to start filming without Ilebaye and whether she should have been expected to wait longer.
  • tutuoru highlighted that Ilebaye had multiple interviews scheduled, and it might have been reasonable for her to leave if the studio was not ready for her. They also criticized Charles for insulting her on social media without understanding her reasons for leaving.