NNPP Leader Advises Newlyweds: Avoid Checking Spouses’ Phones

NNPP Leader Advises Newlyweds: Avoid Checking Spouses’ Phones

“NNPP Leader’s Marriage Advice: Avoid Checking Spouses’ Phones”

Rabiu Kwankwaso, the National Leader of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), has offered valuable advice to the 1,800 couples participating in the mass wedding scheme.

He cautioned them against the practice of checking their spouses’ phones, emphasizing that it could potentially lead to the breakdown of their marriages.

“Marriage Wisdom from a Former Governor”

Kwankwaso, the former Governor of Kano State, shared this counsel during a reception held for the couples by the State Government at the Open Theatre in Kano Government House.

He stressed that scrutinizing spouses’ phones has emerged as a significant factor contributing to marital conflicts, and couples should be vigilant about avoiding such behaviors.

“A Message of Prevention”

Addressing the newlyweds, he emphasized the importance of heeding advice from various sources, including religious leaders, parents, relatives, and businesspeople, on how to maintain harmonious relationships in marriage.

However, Kwankwaso placed particular emphasis on refraining from the practice of checking one’s spouse’s phone, citing it as a common cause of marriage breakdowns in contemporary times.

“Acknowledging Political Commitment”

Kwankwaso also acknowledged the political commitment demonstrated by Governor Abba Yusuf in making the mass wedding scheme a reality.

He commended the state administration for its investment of over N700 million in sponsoring more than 600 students to universities abroad.

Kwankwaso highlighted Governor Yusuf’s dedication to continuing the legacies of the state and delivering projects that benefit the masses.

“Support for Governor Yusuf”

In conclusion, Kwankwaso urged the people of Kano State to support Governor Abba Yusuf’s administration, recognizing him as a capable leader who is committed to upholding their shared legacies and executing projects that serve the greater good of the state.