Minister Nyesom Wike Addresses Controversy Surrounding AUMTCO Managing Director’s Removal

Minister Nyesom Wike Addresses Concerns Over AUMTCO Managing Director’s Sacking

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has responded to the trending video in which staff of the Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company (AUMTCO) expressed their grievances regarding the removal of the company’s Managing Director.

Wike Emphasizes Commitment to Doing What Is Right

Wike conveyed his stance on the matter, emphasizing that neither sentiment nor emotion would deter him from taking the appropriate actions in his capacity as the FCT Minister.

He underscored the importance of making decisions that serve the greater good and align with the best interests of the public.

Context: Removal of AUMTCO Managing Director

It should be noted that the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of AUMTCO, Mr. Najeeb Abdulsalam, was among the 21 heads of parastatals, agencies, and companies within the FCT Administration who were relieved of their duties by the minister on a recent occasion.

Wike Addresses Criticism and Advocates for Objectivity

Wike acknowledged the criticism and expressions of support for the ousted Managing Director, but he stressed that performance and results must be the primary considerations.

He questioned the effectiveness of the leadership by asking, “If you have been doing well, where are the buses?”

Leadership Lessons: Being Prepared for Change

The FCT Minister offered valuable leadership advice to political appointees, highlighting the importance of being prepared to leave office at any time.

He emphasized that transitions in leadership roles are a natural part of governance, and individuals should anticipate the possibility of change.

Wike’s Perspective on Public Service

In conclusion, Wike reaffirmed his commitment to taking actions that benefit the people and the region he serves.

He emphasized the importance of addressing the reality on the ground and making decisions that align with the public interest.

Closing Thoughts on Navigating Change

Wike’s message to political appointees and public servants serves as a reminder that adaptability and a focus on performance are essential qualities in leadership.

Regardless of the circumstances, public officials should prioritize the welfare of the people they serve and remain ready to embrace change when it arises.