Governor Newsom Claims San Francisco ‘Cleaned Up’ for APEC Summit, Despite Robbery Incident

Governor Newsom Claims San Francisco ‘Cleaned Up’ for APEC Summit, Despite Robbery Incident

Governor’s Confident Claims: San Francisco “Cleaned Up” for APEC Summit

As the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders’ conference unfolds in San Francisco, Governor Gavin Newsom expresses confidence in the city’s safety improvements ahead of the high-profile event.

With 20,000 attendees, including Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, the APEC Summit draws attention to the preparations made to host world leaders.

Robbery Incident Mars Pre-Summit Confidence: Czech TV Crew Targeted

Despite Newsom’s assurances, a Czech television crew covering the APEC Summit experiences an armed robbery on Monday.

The incident challenges the governor’s claims of a ‘cleaned up’ city, raising concerns about the effectiveness of safety measures in San Francisco.

Newsom’s Justification: Cleaning Up for Global Leaders

Governor Newsom defends the efforts to improve San Francisco’s safety, emphasizing that the cleanup initiatives were not solely for the APEC Summit but had been ongoing for months.

He likens the situation to having guests at one’s house, stating, “By definition, you have people over to your house, you’re going to clean up the house.” Newsom sees the summit as an opportunity to showcase San Francisco on a global stage.

Czech TV Crew’s Harrowing Experience: Robbery Details Emerge

A Czech television crew, in the city to cover the APEC Summit, faces a harrowing incident when they are robbed at gunpoint outside the City Lights bookstore. The attackers steal their cameras and all their footage, leaving the crew without equipment and a day’s worth of work.

The incident underscores the challenges and risks faced by media personnel during large-scale international events.

City Braces for Protests: Activists Voice Concerns

San Francisco anticipates protests during the APEC Summit, with activists expressing concerns about corporate profits, environmental abuses, working conditions, and the Israel-Hamas war. The city’s history of lively protests is highlighted, recalling past events like the 1999 WTO conference in Seattle.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott acknowledges the right to peaceful protests but emphasizes a zero-tolerance policy for criminal behavior.

APEC Summit and Global Protests: Uncertain Dynamics

As the APEC Summit unfolds, uncertainty looms over the extent of protests expected throughout the event.

The city remains vigilant against acts of violence or property destruction. San Francisco’s history of protests and the global backdrop of previous APEC Summits, marked by challenges and demonstrations, adds complexity to the dynamics surrounding the current summit.

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