Megyn Kelly Slams Governor Newsom for Cleaning San Francisco Ahead of APEC Summit

Megyn Kelly Takes Issue with Newsom’s Cleanup

Megyn Kelly didn’t mince words as she criticized California Governor Gavin Newsom for acknowledging that San Francisco underwent a cleanup ahead of the APEC summit.

The city, grappling with various issues, saw homeless encampments cleared and streets refurbished for the high-profile event.

Newsom’s Cleanup Sparks Outrage

California Governor Gavin Newsom faced backlash as Megyn Kelly slammed his admission that San Francisco’s cleanup was linked to the APEC summit.

The move to spruce up the city for international leaders drew criticism for its timing and raised questions about the city’s ongoing challenges.

Offensive or Necessary? Megyn Kelly Weighs In

Megyn Kelly expressed her disapproval of Governor Newsom’s approach to cleaning up San Francisco specifically for the APEC summit.

Calling it “offensive,” Kelly argued that the attention to the city’s appearance seemed to prioritize global leaders over the everyday residents dealing with persistent issues.

San Francisco’s Transformation for APEC Summit

As San Francisco undergoes a transformation ahead of the APEC summit, Megyn Kelly points out the controversial aspect of Governor Newsom’s acknowledgment. The cleanup efforts, including addressing homelessness and improving safety, have sparked a debate about priorities and timing.

Governor Newsom’s Cleanup Admission

Governor Gavin Newsom’s acknowledgment that San Francisco’s cleanup was partly influenced by the upcoming APEC summit drew criticism from Megyn Kelly.

The discussion highlights the tension between preparing the city for international events and addressing long-standing local challenges.

Megyn Kelly Calls Newsom’s Attitude Unbelievable

Megyn Kelly found Governor Newsom’s attitude “unbelievable” as he openly stated that San Francisco’s cleanup was connected to the APEC summit.

Kelly criticized the decision to prioritize external appearances over addressing the city’s ongoing issues.

San Francisco’s APEC Prep Draws Megyn Kelly’s Critique

Megyn Kelly delivered a sharp critique of Governor Newsom for the cleanup efforts in San Francisco ahead of the APEC summit.

The discussion delves into the perceived neglect of local issues and the timing of addressing them in preparation for the international event.

Megyn Kelly’s Take on San Francisco’s APEC Readiness

Megyn Kelly expressed her displeasure with Governor Newsom’s approach to cleaning up San Francisco specifically for the APEC summit. The debate centers on the balance between preparing for global events and addressing the city’s inherent challenges.

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