Zoho One Emerges as a Local Savior in Nigeria’s FX Crisis, Offering Business Solutions at Naira Rates

Zoho One Emerges as a Local Savior in Nigeria’s FX Crisis, Offering Business Solutions at Naira Rates


As Nigeria grapples with a foreign exchange crisis, marked by a scarcity of dollars and heightened volatility, local business owners, particularly tech founders, are actively seeking alternatives to foreign products and services.

In this challenging landscape, Zoho One, a comprehensive suite for startups, is gaining prominence as a viable solution to save costs, enhance efficiency, and limit exposure to FX risks.

Challenges in Nigeria’s Forex Market: Lack of Transparency, Shortages, and Volatility:

Analysts point out that Nigeria’s foreign exchange market faces a trifecta of challenges—lack of transparency, acute shortages of foreign exchange, and heightened volatility.

These factors have led to a quest for local alternatives among businesses looking to secure stability and navigate the complex FX environment.

Zoho One: A Comprehensive Solution for Business Operations:

Kehinde Ogundare, the Country Manager for Zoho in Nigeria, sheds light on the diverse offerings provided by Zoho.

Unlike standalone products like Zoho Workspace and Zoho Meeting, Zoho One offers a holistic platform for organizations to manage various aspects of their operations.

Key business units, including sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and project management, are seamlessly integrated into the platform.

Zoho’s Suite of Products: Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency:

Ogundare details the array of Zoho products catering to different business needs. From Zoho Social for managing online presence to Zoho CRM and Zoho Books for sales and finance, respectively, the suite covers the entire spectrum.

Zoho Inventory, Zoho Commerce, Zoho People, and Zoho Projects address inventory management, e-commerce, human resources, and project management, respectively.

Zoho’s Pricing Strategy: Local Rates in Naira and Flexibility for Users:

One of the key attractions for Nigerian users is Zoho’s pricing strategy. Since 2020, Zoho has fixed its prices in Naira, offering users the ability to pay with a Naira card from a Naira account.

This strategy, combined with flexibility in product selection, provides users with cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

User-Friendly Adoption: Overcoming Learning Curves with Zoho Products:

Addressing concerns about the adoption of Zoho products, Ogundare emphasizes the user-friendliness of the platform.

Zoho prioritizes a nice interface and easy adoption, boasting that even individuals unfamiliar with the products can quickly adapt.

The platform’s efficiency and implementation speed are highlighted, with instructions and support readily available.

Data Security and Privacy: Zoho’s Commitment to Client Trust:

Ogundare reaffirms Zoho’s commitment to privacy and security, with a tagline emphasizing these core values. Even with free products, users won’t encounter ads, and third-party tracking applications were removed in 2020.

Zoho holds necessary compliance certifications and aligns with global privacy standards, providing assurance to users.

Future Prospects and Continuous Innovation: Zoho’s Forward-Thinking Approach:

Ogundare sheds light on Zoho’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. With substantial investments in research and development, Zoho stays ahead in providing cutting-edge solutions.

The suite’s evolution, particularly the optimization of Zoho CRM and incorporation of AI like Zari, exemplifies Zoho’s forward-thinking stance.

Seamless Migration and Support: Assisting Users in Transition:

For users considering migration, Zoho offers a seamless process with built-in plug-and-play features.

The platform provides instructions and a dedicated migration team to assist users in transitioning from other providers.

Users can easily migrate files and seamlessly integrate Zoho into their existing processes.

Conclusion: Zoho’s Role in Supporting Nigerian Businesses:

In conclusion, Zoho One emerges as a beacon of stability for Nigerian businesses facing the challenges of the forex crisis.

With a commitment to user-friendly adoption, local pricing, and continuous innovation, Zoho stands as a valuable partner for businesses seeking efficiency, reduced FX risks, and a secure platform for their operations.

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