Hadleigh Farm’s Rare Breed Center Suffers £60,000 Theft, Resulting in Tragic Piglet Deaths

Hadleigh Farm’s Rare Breed Center Suffers £60,000 Theft, Resulting in Tragic Piglet Deaths


A series of devastating burglaries at Hadleigh Farm, managed by the Salvation Army, has left a rare-breed piglet family in tragic circumstances.

Amidst the fourth break-in within weeks, the stress and disturbance caused the valuable pig mother to accidentally crush her piglets to death.

Burglary Spree and Equipment Theft:

Hadleigh Farm, situated in Hadleigh Country Park, Essex, has fallen victim to four consecutive burglaries, resulting in the loss of £60,000 worth of essential equipment.

The recurring break-ins have not only shaken the community farm but have also taken a toll on the well-being of its precious animal residents.

Tragedy Unfolds: Rare Piglets Crushed in Distressing Incident:

The heartbreaking incident occurred when thieves entered a barn, startling the rare-breed pig mother and causing her to roll onto her sleeping piglets, resulting in their tragic demise.

The piglets, part of the Middle White breed, were housed in the farm’s rare breed center, a cherished attraction for visitors.

Hadleigh Estate Director Expresses Distress:

Ciaran Egan, the Hadleigh Estate Director, expressed deep shock and sadness over the break-ins, highlighting the distressing situation that unfolded, leading to the unintentional loss of several piglets.

The farm’s staff and volunteers were profoundly affected by the incidents.

Farm Repairs and Security Measures:

In response to the break-ins, extensive repairs have been undertaken, including the restoration of fences, gates, and doors.

The farm is investing in upgraded security measures, such as enhanced lighting and CCTV installations, to prevent future incidents and safeguard the well-being of the animals.

Hope for the Future: Rare Breeds Centre to Reopen in Spring:

Despite the challenges, there is hope for the future as the repairs are expected to be completed before the reopening of the rare breeds center in the spring.

Visitors will once again have the opportunity to interact with rare breeds of goats, sheep, and pigs in a secure and protected environment.

Police Appeal for Witnesses:

Essex Police are actively seeking witnesses to aid in the investigation of the thefts and break-ins.

The community is urged to come forward with any information that may assist in apprehending those responsible for the distressing incidents at Hadleigh Farm.

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