Church Minister Reveals Baptism of Hundreds of Asylum Seekers in Sea – Concerns Rise Over Genuine Conversions

Church Minister Reveals Baptism of Hundreds of Asylum Seekers in Sea – Concerns Rise Over Genuine Conversions

Mass Baptisms on a Welsh Beach – An Extraordinary Revelation

In a startling revelation, Pastor Phylip Rees disclosed that he baptized around 500 asylum seekers in the sea, with more than half disappearing after their conversion to Christianity.

The mass baptisms took place on a beach in South Wales during winter months, serving as a unique litmus test for the faith of migrants.

Video Footage Captures Extraordinary Scenes

A YouTube video captured the extraordinary scenes of up to 40 asylum seekers being baptized on a windy beach in Barry Island.

Pastor Rees, wearing a woolly hat and coat, is seen embracing the migrants after their ‘full immersion’ baptisms. However, subsequent revelations indicate that a significant percentage of those baptized vanish after their conversion.

Astonishing Scale of Christian Conversions Unveiled

Pastor Rees, a 74-year-old minister at Tredegarville Baptist Church in Cardiff, estimated that over 60% of those he baptized were never seen again.

His revelations shed light on the widespread Christian conversions among asylum seekers in the UK, raising concerns about the authenticity of such conversions and potential misuse of the asylum system.

Home Office’s Lack of Data on Religious Basis for Asylum

The Home Office, despite growing evidence of questionable conversions, does not collect data on migrants granted asylum based on religion.

Home Secretary James Cleverly initiated a review following a chemical attack in Clapham, raising questions about an Afghan sex offender who stayed in the UK after claiming a conversion to Christianity.

Church of England Accused of Questionable Conversions

The Rev Matthew Firth, a whistleblower priest, accused the Church of England of being part of a ‘conveyor belt’ facilitating dubious conversions.

Guidelines from the Church of England emphasize the need for clergy to ensure that individuals seeking baptism fully understand its significance.

Pastor Rees’ Approach to Baptisms and Immigration Advocacy

Pastor Rees, who left the Cardiff church in 2019, detailed his approach to baptisms, including conducting bible classes and scrutinizing the sincerity of asylum seekers’ faith.

He claimed to have written thousands of letters to immigration services on behalf of asylum seekers and attended numerous immigration tribunal hearings.

Winter Sea Baptisms – A Test of Commitment

Mass baptisms in the sea during the winter, according to Pastor Rees, served as a test of worshippers’ commitment.

He asserted that the extreme conditions were a litmus test of the reality of their faith, helping him discern the genuineness of their conversion.

Home Office Stance on Religious Conversion for Asylum

The Home Office, responding to the situation, clarified that lottery winnings can be withheld if there is a state-owed debt from an overpayment of unemployment compensation.

The intricate legal framework and collaboration between departments underscore the complexity of addressing such cases.

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