Brigitte Macron’s Decade-Long Wait: A Revealing Interview on Love and Sacrifice

A Decade of Sacrifice:

In a rare and personal interview with Paris Match magazine, France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron, revealed the intimate details of her decision to delay marrying Emmanuel Macron for a decade. Brigitte, aged 70, explained how she made this sacrifice to avoid “wrecking” the lives of her three children, who are close in age to her younger partner.

Forbidden Romance and Scandal:

Emmanuel Macron’s love story with Brigitte began when he was 15 and she was his drama teacher at a Catholic school in Amiens. Despite a scandal that led Macron’s parents to send him to another school in Paris, his desire for Brigitte persisted.

Brigitte, in her efforts to protect her children, left her job, anticipating that Emmanuel would eventually find love with someone his age. However, the decade-long wait proved otherwise.

Balancing Life and Love:

Brigitte shared that the only obstacles to their marriage were her children, whom she wanted to ensure were on stable paths before formalizing her relationship with Macron. Despite the challenges, Brigitte was determined not to miss out on her own life.

Her son, three years older than Macron, and her daughters, now aged 46 and 39, were close in age to her second husband.

A Love That Endured:

After divorcing her estranged husband André-Louis Auzière in 2006, Brigitte finally married Macron in 2007.

Despite already being married for 16 years, she spoke about the surprises and amazements she still experiences with Emmanuel, praising his impressive memory and intelligence.

Life at the Élysée Palace:

Brigitte provided a glimpse into their married life at the Élysée Palace, where they enjoy a quiet life once the president returns home around 10 and 11 pm.

Brigitte, a teacher of adult education for charity, discussed their daily routine, with her often cooking breakfast and sometimes dinner for her husband. Despite criticism and scrutiny, she remains focused on good causes.

Encounters with Royalty:

The interview touched on Brigitte’s interactions with foreign leaders, specifically praising King Charles and Queen Camilla during their visit to Paris.

Brigitte shared a delightful moment with the royal couple at the Élysée Palace, highlighting the warmth and humor displayed by Charles and Camilla during a private aperitif, calling it a “marvellous moment.”

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