Nigerian Man Hits Back After Being Labeled ‘Broke’ on Social Media

Social Media Showdown Over Date Expense

A Nigerian man took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to refute allegations made by a lady accusing him of being financially constrained and calculating expenses during their date.

The lady’s claims revolved around the man calculating the bills and implying his lack of financial capability.

Counterclaims on Social Media

In response, the man involved in the date incident posted on his social media handle, challenging the lady’s assertions. He explained that after he paid around 60k for their meal totaling 68k, he requested the lady to contribute 8k, a move she supposedly agreed to without objections during the date.

Public Attention and Reactions

The man’s response sparked widespread attention on social media, with various individuals weighing in on the situation.

Comments flooded the post, reflecting diverse opinions about financial etiquettes, gender roles in expenses during dates, and opinions about the individuals involved in the controversy.

Social Media Reactions

Numerous users commented on the post, expressing different viewpoints. Some questioned the audacity of asking a seemingly financially challenged lady for 8k, while others debated the dynamics of sharing expenses during dates in the modern era.

The situation drew varied reactions and opinions across social media platforms.

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