I made my millionaire husband agree to pay me £240k per baby if I get pregnant… I don’t care what people say – I deserve it

I made my millionaire husband agree to pay me £240k per baby if I get pregnant… I don’t care what people say – I deserve it

Millionaire Lifestyle Expectations

Soudi Al Nadak, married to millionaire Jamal Al Nadak, unveiled a detailed and extravagant set of requirements before agreeing to start a family. Sharing her pregnancy ‘non-negotiables’ on TikTok, she outlined a list that included substantial financial allowances, luxury gifts, and postpartum support.

Financial Compensation Per Child

Soudi detailed a monetary demand for each child conceived, expecting a payment of £240k per baby from her wealthy husband, Jamal. This substantial sum was meant to cover various expenses, including personal care, therapies, and massages, emphasizing the toll childbirth takes on her body.

Luxurious Prerequisites

Before starting a family, Soudi insisted on significant prerequisites, including a grand wedding ring and designer gifts such as a Birkin bag and a new car. She justified these demands as securing her future and her babies’.

A Life of Luxury and Comfort

Soudi’s expectations extended beyond material possessions. She sought an agreement that would allow her to never have to work again, necessitating additional household staff, including baby specialists and a night nurse, to support her through motherhood.

Grand Visits and Beauty Standards

With a remarkable visitor count anticipated after childbirth, Soudi required an organized VIP setup for a large influx of well-wishers.

Additionally, she insisted on a personal hair and makeup team to maintain her appearance while receiving guests.

Mixed Reactions and Controversy

The video sparked a wave of diverse reactions. While some applauded her standards, others criticized the extravagant demands, questioning the practicality and fairness.

Several viewers debated the necessity of such luxurious requirements for starting a family.

Previous Controversies and Clarifications

This isn’t the first time Soudi and Jamal’s lifestyle and relationship rules have drawn attention. Previously criticized for their stringent relationship guidelines, Soudi defended their lifestyle, claiming genuine love while facing accusations of gold-digging and materialism.

Divided Opinions and Online Speculation

The couple’s online content has polarized audiences, prompting speculation about the authenticity of their extravagant lifestyle.

While some admire their lavish experiences, others express disbelief and skepticism, questioning the true nature of their relationship and lifestyle portrayed on social media.