Remembering Sam Loco-Efe: Charles Inojie Pays Tribute to Nollywood’s Intellectual Giant

A Colossal Legacy: Sam Loco-Efe’s Intellectual Brilliance

Charles Inojie, in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, pays homage to his late colleague Sam Loco-Efe, describing him as the most intelligent actor ever in Nollywood.

Inojie shares anecdotes about Loco-Efe’s extraordinary intelligence, noting that it transcended conventional levels.

Subconscious Brilliance: A Unique Perspective

Inojie reminisces about Loco-Efe’s ability to absorb information effortlessly, even while engaging in seemingly unrelated activities like smoking a cigarette.

The late actor’s subconscious mind, according to Inojie, was so sharp that he could correct others without overtly participating in rehearsals. In scenes shared with him, Loco-Efe would read lines only once, showcasing a level of mastery that Inojie believes is unparalleled.

Unrecognized Genius: Lack of National Honor

Despite Loco-Efe’s exceptional contributions to Nigerian cinema and his intellectual prowess, Inojie expresses disappointment that the late actor never received a national honor.

Inojie emphasizes the irony of a country where such honors are sometimes bestowed on newcomers, contrasting with the oversight of a legendary figure like Sam Loco-Efe.

FESTAC Recognition: A Missed Opportunity

Inojie recalls Loco-Efe’s special mention by the Queen during Nigeria’s entry to FESTAC 1977 for his role in “Lambodo,” where he played the lead role.

The Queen recognized him as the best actor in Africa. Inojie believes that even in death, Loco-Efe deserves posthumous awards for his outstanding contributions to the arts.

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