‘I found safety in Wetherspoon during a tornado that struck my hometown – a 21-year-old patron credits going for a drink as 80mph winds caused chaos in Stalybridge, shielding him from falling bricks and debris.’

Escaping the Chaos

In the wake of Storm Grerit’s havoc, Euan Welsh, 21, recounts how a seemingly ordinary decision—to head for a pint at his local pub, JD Wetherspoon in Stalybridge—may have spared him from the wrath of a powerful tornado.

The storm, with gusts reaching up to 80mph, unleashed chaos in Greater Manchester, prompting warnings for locals to remain indoors due to the severity of the damage caused.

Around 100 homes bore the brunt of the destruction, left with shattered roofs and battered vehicles as debris rained down.

A Pint of Respite

Euan, usually not one for post-work pub visits, made an impromptu choice to stop by for a San Miguel.

Little did he know, this decision possibly saved his life.

Reflecting on the night, he mused that had he not opted for that drink, he might have been navigating the debris-laden streets, putting himself at risk amidst the fallen trees and rubble.

The realization that a casual outing might have been a life-saving act left Euan stunned.

Unforeseen Terrors Unleashed

Discovering shortly afterward that the calamity was, in fact, a tornado, Euan and his friends grappled with the incredulity of such an event in their region.

The scene outside the pub painted a surreal picture—windows blown out, shards of glass scattered everywhere, and a neighboring bistro devastated by the ferocity of the storm.

While Euan’s home escaped harm, the same couldn’t be said for some of his neighbors’ residences, witnessing roofs stripped bare and fences obliterated.

Tales of Devastation

Accounts of the tornado’s impact varied but shared a common thread of disbelief and destruction.

Kevin Welsh, Euan’s father, expressed astonishment, having never encountered such chaos in the 36 years he’d lived in their home.

Lyndsey Moody, another affected resident, recounted the terror of a chimney crashing into her son’s room, narrowly missing a tragedy.

She now grapples with the aftermath, lamenting the loss of cherished possessions and the sudden upheaval caused by the disaster.

A Community Altered

The tornado’s swift and brutal visitation left lasting impressions on the community.

Jeffrey Sheehan, who narrowly escaped the tumultuous winds while walking his dog, recounted the surreal sight of a roof hurtling past his window.

Chief Superintendent Mark Dexter emphasized the imperative of safety, urging caution due to the debris-laden roads and advising displaced residents against returning until structural assessments were complete.

As the community grapples with the aftermath, efforts like the GoFundMe page aim to aid those affected by this unforeseen natural calamity.