Nigeria Police Force Spokesperson: “I’ve Never Taken a Bribe in My Career”

Nigeria Police Force Spokesperson: “I’ve Never Taken a Bribe in My Career”

The spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has made a resolute statement regarding his commitment to integrity in his career.

In a recent interaction on X, formerly Twitter, Adejobi responded to a user’s inquiry about whether he had ever accepted a bribe.

A Crowned Prince’s Perspective

Adejobi, in his response, highlighted that he is a crowned prince of Owu, emphasizing that taking bribes would be an utterly “ridiculous” action for him to engage in.

This statement reflects his unwavering stance against corruption and unethical behavior.

Addressing a User’s Challenge

The discussion began when an X user challenged the police PRO to swear by his “village deity” that he had never taken a bribe throughout his tenure in the force.

This challenge arose following Adejobi’s earlier post in which he educated users on the inappropriate practice of paying for bail.

In his initial post, he asserted that police administrative bail should be free, and individuals should demand proof of payment if asked for bail money.

A History of Rejecting Gifts

Adejobi went on to reveal that he has consistently rejected gifts offered to him as tokens of appreciation during the course of his duties.

He explained that his commitment to maintaining high ethical standards extends to refusing gifts, let alone considering the acceptance of bribes.

The force PRO’s actions underscore his dedication to upholding integrity and professionalism in his role.

Acknowledging Nigerians’ Appreciation

Moreover, Adejobi expressed his belief in the goodwill of Nigerians, describing them as kind and appreciative individuals.

He emphasized that when a police officer performs their duties diligently and ethically, the Nigerian populace is quick to show appreciation and extend blessings in various aspects.

This positive response from the public serves as a testament to the potential rewards of maintaining a commitment to integrity and honest service in law enforcement.

In summary, Olumuyiwa Adejobi’s unwavering commitment to maintaining his integrity in his career is evident in his resolute declaration that he has never taken a bribe.

His status as a crowned prince and his history of rejecting gifts underline his dedication to upholding ethical standards, and he acknowledges the goodwill of Nigerians in response to ethical and diligent policing.

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