Hushpuppi’s Unique Birthday Celebration for Tunde Ednut Sparks Social Media Frenzy

The renowned blogger Tunde Ednut found an unexpected birthday well-wisher in the form of convicted Nigerian fraudster Hushpuppi.

A video capturing Hushpuppi’s distinctive celebration for Tunde Ednut’s 38th birthday inside a prison cell has taken social media by storm, eliciting varied reactions from Nigerians online.

Hushpuppi Joins the Celebration:

Tunde Ednut, the celebrity blogger, marked his 38th birthday on January 20, 2024, attracting celebrations from fans, colleagues, and supporters.

Known for the grandeur of his annual birthday festivities, Tunde Ednut’s special day took an unexpected turn when Hushpuppi, currently serving time in an American prison, decided to extend his felicitations.

An Unconventional Celebration:

The birthday festivities reached the confines of a prison cell, where Hushpuppi, a prominent Nigerian socialite with a criminal record, chose to express his affection for Tunde Ednut.

Despite Tunde Ednut reportedly posting and subsequently deleting the video, it quickly circulated on social media platforms.

Inside Hushpuppi’s Celebration:

The viral video revealed Hushpuppi in the background, presenting a spread of prison food to celebrate Tunde Ednut’s birthday.

The footage showcased bowls filled with rice, and someone used a small plastic container to serve pasta from a nylon bag, pouring it into awaiting plates.

Hushpuppi, speaking in the video, conveyed his well wishes with an unconventional birthday celebration, saying:

“We are also celebrating o in our own little way o. Jollof loading, pasta is already here as you can see.”


The video’s unexpected nature and the juxtaposition of a birthday celebration within a prison setting have fueled social media discussions.

Hushpuppi’s participation, given his legal troubles, adds a layer of intrigue to an otherwise typical birthday celebration for Tunde Ednut.

The online reactions showcase the diverse perspectives of Nigerians regarding the unique event.

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