Mohbad’s Lawyer Takes Legal Action Against Father for Defamation Following Controversial Interview

Mohbad’s Lawyer Takes Legal Action Against Father for Defamation Following Controversial Interview

Legal Fallout Ensues as Mohbad’s Father Faces Defamation Lawsuit Over Thumbprint Will Controversy

In a new twist to the saga surrounding the late singer Mohbad, whose real name is Oladimeji IIerioluwa Aloba, his father, Joseph Aloba, is now embroiled in a defamation lawsuit filed by the artist’s lawyer.

The legal action comes in response to Joseph’s recent TVC interview, where he expressed shock over claims that Mohbad had a thumbprint will despite being a 26-year-old graduate.

Father’s Controversial Interview Sparks Legal Action

Joseph Aloba, in the controversial interview, raised doubts about the authenticity of Mohbad’s will, questioning how his son, at the age of 26, would use a thumbprint instead of signing a will.

He alleged that Wunmi, alongside her lawyer, facilitated the thumbprint on the will after Mohbad’s demise. The statements made by Joseph triggered a swift response from Mohbad’s legal team.

Management Denies Thumbprint Will Existence and Files Defamation Suit

Mohbad’s management, in a statement posted on the late singer’s Instagram page, refuted Joseph Aloba’s claims, labeling them as false and misleading.

The management clarified that no will or thumb-printed document had been communicated by Mohbad’s lawyers or management.

In a countermove, Mohbad’s legal representatives have initiated a defamation lawsuit against Joseph Aloba.

Legal Demands and Retraction Required

According to documents circulating online, Mohbad’s father is now facing a demand for retraction and a hefty sum of N200 million in the defamation lawsuit.

The legal notice instructs Joseph Aloba to retract his statements made in the TVC interview.

Furthermore, the retraction must be published on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, PUNCH Newspaper, and Instablog.

Allegations of Neglecting Son’s Corpse Amplify Legal Dispute

The legal action not only addresses the defamation related to the thumbprint will controversy but also accuses Joseph Aloba of neglecting his son’s corpse.

Mohbad’s lawyers assert that the retraction must be disseminated across multiple media channels to correct the narrative surrounding the late singer’s will and counter any damaging effects resulting from Joseph Aloba’s statements.

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