Humiliation Amidst Broken Lift – Disabled Woman Forced to Crawl at London Station

Jennie Berry, a 29-year-old wheelchair user, faced a harrowing experience at Dalston Junction station in London when she was left with no choice but to crawl up a flight of stairs due to a malfunctioning lift.

The incident unfolded late on Thursday night, and the distressing moment was captured on video.

Witnesses reported staff giggling at Ms. Berry’s plight.

Humiliation Amidst Technical Glitch:

As the broken lift left Ms. Berry stranded, station staff allegedly added insult to injury by joking that she could use the lift just as she reached the top of the stairs.

Technicians announced the lift’s repair when she had completed her 15-minute climb, compounding the humiliation she endured throughout the ordeal.

Frustration with Transport for London (TfL) Staff:

Ms. Berry expressed her frustration with Transport for London (TfL) staff, emphasizing that assistance only arrived when she was three steps away from the top.

A staff member casually mentioned that the lift had been out of order for a month, leaving Ms. Berry uninformed about the accessibility issue.

The lack of signage and assistance compounded her challenges.

Crawling Upstairs in Helplessness:

Filming the ordeal herself, Ms. Berry detailed the lack of signage and staff assistance at the station she departed from.

Left with no alternative, she resorted to crawling up the stairs to reach her hotel, located just outside the station.

Her experience sheds light on the broader issue of inadequate accessibility for wheelchair users in public transportation.

Call for Urgent Change:

Ms. Berry, acknowledging that she is not the first to face such challenges, called for swift changes to improve conditions for disabled travelers.

She stressed the urgency of addressing accessibility issues promptly, emphasizing the need for a more inclusive and accommodating transportation system.

Transport for London’s Response:

Mark Evers, Chief Customer Officer at TfL, issued an apology, expressing deep regret for Ms. Berry’s distressing experience.

He assured that the incident is under urgent investigation with Arriva Rail London, the operator of London Overground on TfL’s behalf.

Evers acknowledged the impact of malfunctioning lifts on customers and pledged commitment to enhancing London’s transportation accessibility.

The distressing incident faced by Jennie Berry at Dalston Junction station brings attention to the pressing need for comprehensive improvements in accessibility measures within London’s public transportation system.

Ms. Berry’s experience serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by disabled individuals and the imperative for swift and effective solutions.

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