How to make eyes more expressive in photos: 8 ideas

How to make eyes more expressive in photos: 8 ideas

We are all individuals and we have different structures of the face and eyes — some nature has given huge eyes and some not very big, but what should be done to make the eyes look expressive in the photo regardless of size?

Also, many women have a problem with overhanging eyelids, which does not allow them to make full-fledged makeup, as it will be partially covered.

You need to carefully approach the choice of makeup if you have a special structure of the eyes and eyelids. Let’s consider what ways will help to make your eyes more expressive and view more open:

  1. At first, it is enough to use mascara for eyelashes. For some eye structures, this tool is enough to highlight your eyes and make an open view. Mascara can be chosen in different colors, but the black classic is always in fashion, you can also use brown mascara — it looks natural. The most important thing is to choose the right brush and the effect it gives your eyelashes.
  2. The accent of the shadows — you need to work out the crease of the eyelid brown shadows and blend them well to make it look like a natural shadow. Such cunning will visually enlarge your eyes and make them look deeper. You can also use a highlighter on the corners of the eye near the nose, it also gives your look expressiveness. If you have a party, then a great solution can be smoke eyes, which will perfectly accentuate your eyes and focus on them in makeup.
  3. If the mascara and shadows are not enough — then we go to the eyeliner, which has a huge variety of shooters. We have to be careful about what we choose because we all have different facial features and that determines the shape of our shooters. Arrows can be absolutely any color, there are a huge number of types of arrows — it can be double arrows, thin, thick, with a short or long «tail», or the same arrows in the fold of the eyelid. Everything depends on your wishes. It is best to practice at home, when you are not in a hurry, and choose the right shooters. It is also best to choose a good waterproof eyeliner or pencil that will not «swim» during the day. You can also use flushed arrows, they fit almost everyone and they are easier to draw because you do not need to draw perfectly smooth lines and corners.
  4. A patch that can remove the hanging eyelid. This invention was invented by the Japanese, who by nature have narrow eyes with an overhanging eyelid, but they found this solution and came up with a device thanks to which you can lift the eyelid and make the desired makeup. This manipulation also visually enlarges the eyes. Also, the eyes can be enlarged with the enlarge eyes app This change is only possible in the photo, but it’s enough to impress everyone with your big eyes.
  5. Drawing of the lower eyelid. Here you need to properly prepare your eyes before you do this makeup. You need to apply the concealer under your eyes and carefully blend it and then apply the powder. After this base is applied — you can draw the crease of the lower eyelid with a thin brush, which will be slightly brown shadows. This method is very popular in Asian countries and can quite well enlarge the eyes.
  6. The white pencil on the lower-eyed mucosa is an excellent and unusual option to give something unusual to your look. The way is simple, so if you’re not ticklish, you can try.
  7. Eyebrows also play a huge role in our view and can perfectly emphasize the eyes, but the main thing is that they have the right shape and color. We think you’ve seen people without eyebrows more than once, and you might have noticed that their eyes don’t look as good as with eyebrows.
  8. The color of your hair is very important because it should emphasize the color of your eyes and give them their charm.

Now you know exactly how to use makeup to make large and expressive eyes, but in addition to makeup, this task can handle accessories, namely earrings. If you choose an ornament with beautiful bright stones that will be the color of your eyes, you will surely captivate anyone with your eyes.

If you combine such decorations with the right make-up — your eyes will stand out for their beauty. If the camera «ate» saturation of your makeup, it can always be corrected with RetouchMe. Thanks to the photo editor such a change will look natural and at the same time, you will be able to make any makeup you want.

Glasses can also reduce our eyes because there are various lenses that distort the size of our eyes. In this case, if you have an important shoot or meeting, you can wear lenses in which you will also see well, but they will not decrease your eyes.

Moreover, the lens has different colors, with the help of which you can make yourself absolutely any color of the eyes that will definitely focus on your eyes.

So we can say that no matter what the structure of your eyes — the main thing is to correctly choose the make-up, the shape of the eyebrows, the color of the hair, as well as decoration and then you will definitely get beautiful large eyes. Technology does not even stand in the domain of makeup and you can enjoy these privileges.

An excellent option will also be a trip to a make-up artist to pick up your makeup, which will emphasize all your advantages and at the same time look stylish.

If people used to turn to plastic surgeons for the perfect features of the face, now it can be done with cosmetics, as well as various additional devices of the type of patch that hides the hanging eyelid. So rather switch to the Internet and get acquainted with the novelties that will help you make yourself better and more beautiful.

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