Opticians Issue Warnings as TikTok Trend Urges Smearing Vaseline in Eyes to Prevent Watery Eyes in Cold Weather

Opticians Caution Against TikTok Trend Advocating Vaseline Smearing in Eyes for Cold Weather

As a TikTok trend suggesting the application of Vaseline in the eye corners gains traction, opticians are expressing concerns about potential health risks.

Despite claims that it prevents watery eyes in chilly temperatures and preserves makeup, professionals warn of adverse effects such as styes, skin conditions, and compromised vision.

TikTok’s #WateryEyeHack and #VaselineHacks: Viral Videos Showcasing Trend Amid Freezing Temperatures

The TikTok trend, known by hashtags such as #wateryeyehack and #vaselinehacks, has surged in popularity with videos demonstrating the application of Vaseline near the eyes.

Users like @yazmooremakeup and @danicolexx boast about the hack’s effectiveness, while others like @michaelgrullon_ caution against potential issues like milia and styes.

Opticians Speak Out: Risks Include Milia and Styes, Urging Caution in Approaching Vaseline ‘Hack’

Opticians, including Tina Patel from Feel Good Contacts, advise caution, emphasizing the risks associated with the Vaseline eye trend.

Patel notes that the hack elevates the likelihood of developing milia, small cysts on the skin, and styes—painful lumps on or inside the eyelid.

Mark Shelton, an optometrist at Bayfields Opticians, adds that Vaseline could encourage bacteria, leading to infections.

Understanding Risks: Milia and Styes Explained, Along with Potential Complications

Milia, tiny cysts filled with keratin, may develop due to Vaseline use around the eyes, potentially leading to complications.

Styes, painful lumps caused by bacterial infection of eyelash follicles or eyelid glands, are also cited as potential consequences.

Optometrist Mark Shelton warns of complications, including the blocking of meibomian glands that regulate tear quality.

Expert Insights: Vaseline’s Impact on Eye Health and Safety Measures for Cold Weather

Tina Patel highlights the sensitivity of eyes, warning that applying Vaseline near them can cause irritation, inflammation, and blurred vision.

Optometrist Malcolm Maciver suggests safer alternatives for protecting eyes in cold weather, such as wearing sunglasses to shield from harsh winds and staying hydrated to maintain natural eye moisture.

Final Recommendations: Seeking Professional Advice for Excessive Watery Eyes and Safer Alternatives for Eye Protection

Optometrist Mark Shelton recommends consulting local optometrists if experiencing excessively watery eyes, as it could indicate dry eye syndrome.

In addressing cold weather concerns, Malcolm Maciver emphasizes the importance of safer practices, including wearing sunglasses and staying hydrated to preserve the eyes’ natural moisture balance.

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