How To Design Your Office Background To Attract The Best Employees In 2023

For the last several years, it has been a job seeker’s market. In other words, candidates have multiple options and can take their choice of the job offers available.

This can make it more of a challenge for you first to attract good talent and then retain it. It takes more than a really good office with virtual office background to attract the best employees, but with hard work and dedication, it is possible.

Making Yourself Available

Navigating the application and onboarding process can be a convoluted journey. During this phase, candidates may encounter numerous queries, and if they can’t access prompt answers, they may become exasperated and commence exploring other opportunities.

You should take steps to make yourself available to candidates and new employees. Let them know when and how to reach you. Give them different options for getting in touch. Some may want virtual meetings using team customized backgrounds, while others may prefer sending an email or talking on the phone. Making yourself available to candidates now reassures them that you will be there for them in the future once they are employees.


When you are trying to recruit new employees, you should cast a wide net. There are so many platforms available now by which employers can connect with potential candidates. If you’re only using a few of these, there may be hundreds of qualified candidates who are flying under your radar. Technology now allows you to conduct interviews online in front of virtual office backgrounds with candidates from anywhere in the world.

However, don’t assume that you can only find good candidates online. Connect with university career centers to find fresh, new talent. Set up a booth at a job fair. Ask for referrals from colleagues and companies you do business with. The right candidate may be closer than you think.

Providing Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards to Motivate Employees

Extrinsic rewards are concrete incentives that originate externally. Examples of these rewards include competitive and just employee compensation and essential employee benefits such as health insurance, often perceived as a “perk.” Nonetheless, for many employees, it is vital to their overall well-being.

Intrinsic rewards are intangible and unquantifiable, such as a feeling of belonging and fulfillment in one’s work. You can foster these kinds of rewards by creating a culture of inclusiveness in which individual differences are celebrated, and employees can feel safe. Employees who don’t feel safe and included have a hard time concentrating on their work, so by creating a work environment that is understanding and respectful; you are actually helping to increase productivity.

Then some rewards have both extrinsic and intrinsic aspects, such as paid time off. Again, it’s quantifiable, but at the same time, you can’t put a price on work-life balance and the time employees spend relaxing or spending time with family.

Devote ample time to actively seek out employee feedback and attentively listen to their concerns. This enables you to gain crucial insight into their true wants and needs, thereby allowing you to tailor your incentives and perks accordingly. Additionally, consider adding virtual office backgrounds as an added benefit to boost employee morale and engagement.

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