Anglican Cleric Venerable Amechi Asks Christians To Shun Sin To Attract God’s Blessings

Anglican Cleric Venerable Amechi Asks Christians To Shun Sin To Attract God’s Blessings

The Archdeacon, Nibo Archdeaconry and Vicar, Saint Mathews Anglican Church Nibo, Venerable Goodness Amechi has asked Christians to remove barriers between them and God to get their prayers and heart desires fulfilled.


Venerable Amechi who called for total repentance of all in this season said it is only sin that can make a man not to receive his visitation and anything done in the hidden is wide open before God.

He stressed need for righteousness and uprightness, cautioning that negative life hinders spiritual harvest, favour and blessings, adding that whatever man sows, he shall reap.


Venerable Amechi lamented the high rate of immorality seen in the society today, including money ritual, idol worshiping and get rich quick syndrome, reminding them that the day of reckoning is coming and advised that they should not celebrate valentine negatively but what its stand for.


At Saint Joseph the Walker Parish, Nibo, the Parish Priest, Reverend Father Paulus-Maria Okafor challenged Christians to trust God wholeheartedly.

Reverend Father Okafor frowned at how earthly people show off wealth without minding that everything comes from God saying that human being disappoints while God perfect all as it pleases him.


He lamented that many Christians have gone the way of pagans, advising that they should not allow anyone rub them of peace from God


On feast of Saint Valentine celebration, he reminded the parishioners that it is a saint’s feast which requires agape love and not the other way round as the wrath of God will befall as many who celebrate worldly.


Correspondent, Amaka Chibuzor Okoye reports that special prayers were offered while thanksgiving climaxed the service.