How Laser Pigmentation Treatment Works and Aftercare Tips

How Laser Pigmentation Treatment Works and Aftercare Tips

Here, in this article, you will learn about the working of laser pigmentation treatment and tips for further maintenance. 

Skin, as the most sensual and delicate part of your body, can face severe problems or challenges when primarily exposed to pollution, dirt, harmful sun rays, and cosmetics. All these exposures result in skin patches, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and acne. Various forms of treatment are done to treat skin pigmentation, with laser pigmentation treatment being the most prevalent one. Pigmentation treatment through laser is a safe and non-invasive treatment to reduce or remove freckles, dark spots, and pigmentation. It is used on the face, back, neck, hands, and forearms. 

Get rid of the marks, spots, or pigmentation that appear due to excess melanin production, sun damage, and genetics issues. Laser pigmentation treatment offers all the expected results to the patients and even your skin tone to the maximum extent. Here, in this article, you will learn about the working of laser pigmentation treatment and tips for further maintenance. 

  • Working procedure of laser pigmentation treatment

The treatment works by using light that can remove or reduce pigmented skin. It can make the skin light in complexion and allow it to get better looks. The treatment should be done under the supervision of experienced professionals, where a clinician applies concentrated light and breaks the melanin that causes pigmentation over the skin. 

For scientific reasons, a laser machine produces high-energy light wavelengths, which get converted into short pulses of heat. It triggers or stimulates the lesions, and heat is absorbed by the melanin-affected cells without affecting the surrounding cells. 

  1. Before the treatment process and tips

You have to consult before booking an appointment for the treatment as the professionals have to analyse your skin type and condition. They may conduct a patch test to know your reaction to the treatment. If everything is perfect as per the expectations, further procedure is carried out, and an appointment is booked. 

Before treatment, you must avoid direct sun exposure for about the next two weeks. You should avoid facial waxes, laser peels, and IPL therapies with fake tans or tanning beds. Avoid prescription topical Vitamin A at least one week before treatment. Your face should be clean on the day of the appointment. 

  1. What to expect during the treatment?

The professionals talk with you through the pigmentation treatment to ease the process. Choose the best cosmetic skin clinic to get the treatment done successfully. You must be aware of all the hygiene protocols and maintenance followed with proper equipment and approach. Ensure that the professional and experienced clinician is doing your treatment.

  • Clean the area and prepare the skin around the pigmented area. 
  • Spread the gel on the specified target area before beginning the procedure. 
  • Place the laser in place to focus on the target area to break the pigmentation mark or spot. 
  • The treatment may take 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the pigmentation and the area that needs to be treated. 

It is a painless procedure and therefore preferred by most individuals. You will feel a warm, mild sensation, and redness tends to be visible with little swelling. Everything will settle soon, and you will be all good to get clean skin without pigmentation. 

  1. Aftercare tips

It is quite essential to take care of yourself immediately after the treatment. The pigmented area will look dark at the time, and that all fades after six to seven days. Laser pigmentation treatment follows quick recovery within a week. 

After the treatment, the patient is advised to avoid scrubbing and exfoliation of treated skin. Direct exposure to the sun is to be fully avoided, and if you want to step out in the sun, use a broad spectrum of SPF 50+ protection for your skin. You are also advised to avoid intense exercises or workout that results in excessive sweating. To avoid direct heat, avoid hairdryers, saunas, and steam baths. 

All these aftercare protection tips will help you protect your skin for longer. It protects you from the potential damage that can cause without awareness and aftercare tips. 

  • Who is suitable for laser treatment?

Laser pigmentation works perfectly for people with light skin tones. Sometimes, white spots stay on the darker skin, which doesn’t look attractive. It is best to consult the practitioner beforehand to know about the consequences and results after the treatment. 

  • Conclusion

You can also choose an anti-wrinkle treatment done successfully under the guidance of experts and professionals at the best skin clinic. Enquire about the cost of the treatment and get it done at an affordable price. You should check the background of the professionals and customer response, feedback, or reviews. It will help you choose the right clinic with the best services and equipment. 

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